1st Build Making a Spartan III, 3D Printed and Custom Under Suit

To avoid some burn out, I'm putting a pause on armor crafting for the next few weeks. It's important to step back from projects from time to time, especially projects that are meant to bring you joy.

Also, the crafting mess was getting out of hand and needed some serious Spring cleaning.
Just because the crafting is on a pause, doesn't meaning the writing has (I still need a way to goof off at work).

Attached below is Chapter 6 of the first short story of Tales of the UNSC Valkyries: The First Time Falling. Eoin A047 and his Pararescue Troopers must remain unnoticed behind enemy lines if they want to have any chance of completing their mission - and surviving. However, that might be tough after a cosmic flook stuns even the most strait-laced, focused Spartan of Alpha Company.

Also, if anyone knows an artist at is up to doing some fan/cover art, drop a line.


  • Tales of the UNSC Valkyries Chapter 6.pdf
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