Marine Armor Refrence Images... I eat 56krs... =3

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i traced em for you guys if you want to be lazy the shoulder sucks there was not a good angle for it
tight you can choose black pouches on that i am thinking of sewing up a vest that would hold the pouches in the same position as that i am just waiting on my paycheck

i am thinking of getting a fake head and making one out of clay then fiberglassing it
I like the digital, but we have to think about which standard of digital are we going with! The digital is easier for everyone to get a hold of and every can be uniform. That is the idea with use Marines. While I'm sure the 'Battle Damage' on everyones armor will be different the base uniform should be the same.

I went to to see there digitals. There are several I ran up against. I don't know which are the official for US Military use or not so you have to forgive me. Link here has 3 different choices. Link here has only one, but looks close to US Military. Question becomes do we care about this and which one is best for UNSC Marines?
i do want the base uniform to be the same...the game seems to have the lighter color and the live action has the darker, we need to figure what we want
In that case maybe a conscience is in order. To do that we need to get a 'Roll Call' of anyone and everyone who wants to do this. That way when we, so far just link4044 and myself, make a decision on this no one comes in later to complain. Besides, always good to get a different point of view.

So, 'UNSC Marines Roll Call'.

1. link4044
2. Fightstar

Always room for more. You can never have to many Marines hanging around. Unless you have some ODST guys dropping in. LOL
MC Chris said:
I would but i still havent even started on my first armor i'm still on vacation over seas. :roll:

I would not let that hinder you from dropping your $0.02 on our discussion here. Enjoy your vacation and come back safely.
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I plan on doing ODST.... Eventually. They're a branch of the UNSC MC.

But I might buy a set of standard Marine gear, and get my own BDUs for it too.
I'm almost halfway done on the start of the ODST prototypes. My costume should be done in a month or two. But once it is done, I'm going to make a few more for my friends who are going to be on my DZZ3 airsoft team.
But ODST's are a branch of the marines, aren't they? I thought that helljumpers were just a division of marines that volunteered to do extra training and use the drop pods, while all the other marines are constricted to the pelicans and other devices as far as planetary landings go.
well this thread is for making marine armor theres another thread on ODST .....we're trying to keep things sperate
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