Marine Armor Refrence Images... I eat 56krs... =3

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Leadingspartan said:
nope it didnt sound rightt...look at the leaked content!

the leaked content didnt sow me anything about the marines
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You could see the Marines for about two seconds, and you could hear them talking but nothing else.
Are there any Halo 1 marine pictures? I'm in desprate need of some pics of the fatigue marines running around in the 2nd level.



try to google some
Thanks Link, but I've already printed those out. What I'm looking for is the marines that dont have the armor plating, the guys who are in the fatigues. I wonder if you can mod halo 1 and look at the models of the marines. That would be very helpful. If not, I think I'm just going to have to take some pictures of the marines off the television. By the way Link, do you have an msn or aim messenger? I'd like to talk with you about something.
Alrighty, no problem then.
I did some deep searching, and I scrounged up these pictuers. Hope they help anyone looking for some Halo 1 Ref's.










I am planning on doing a diorama edition Marine. I cannot find the camo pattern, which is made up, and making a set of BDUs is not cheap.
NOW I need to do a helmet first.


Would that be almost good enough to be a marine? I know that I need to fix a few things like the pants, pockets on the belt, weapon, and eyewear.
Any updates from the live action with still frames of the Marines? I know WETA workshop has a picture of a marine on the hog, anyone able to get a hi-rez image of it?
i'd be interested in some live action marine pics also. I've tried pausing the vid and saving the image but they just come out too blurry for my taste.
After reading this whole thread I can answer some of the questions.
The 12 inch figures are wearing the old woodland pattern.
Current marine pattern (marpat) is the digital woodland and digital desert, the digital urban is not an approved pattern.
Those screen shots show 2, maybe 3 different fatgue colors, old O.D. green, sage or follage green and something vaguly resembling grey tiger but only on the lower legs so I'm guessing that just painted in folds and shadows.
i've also started making a marine helmet that will be posted soon. I took a skateboarding helm and spray painted it silver. Then I lifted out the foam on inside and put in an old computer microphone and then put foam back in. It looks really cool.
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