Marine Armor Refrence Images... I eat 56krs... =3

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Okay... so are people agreeing the Halo 3 marine camo is digital? To me, in game I agree... but in the live actions it seems almost woodlands but slightly more tan than green/brown... I've been scowering the web trying to find if it's an actual pattern or custom made.. it is WETA after all...
Any chance of some full naval dress pictures?

Like Halo 3's Lord Hood model, and the Marines at the start of Halo 2?
Ross Mills said:
Any chance of some full naval dress pictures?

Like Halo 3's Lord Hood model, and the Marines at the start of Halo 2?
Your lucky I was doing some thinking about this yesterday :)

For the best reference I would look at this movie:

However, just for you I have extracted some of the most important frames and highlighted the noteworthy features:


  1. Black tubular lining on back
  2. Navy trousers for ?marines/enlisted?
  3. Black shoes for ?marines/enlisted?. If following US Navy possibly these
  4. White shoes for ?navy/officers?. If following US Navy possibly these
  5. White trousers for ?navy/officers?

  1. Solid folds underneath lining
  2. Bands on wrist
  3. Black tubing on jacket breast

  1. Officers cap with gold band. Once again if following US Navy possibly this
  2. Officers cap with gold braid and scrambled eggs for Admiral. US Navy possibly this
  3. Gold rectangular buttons, seem to be push to close
  4. Shirt with high full round collar - white for admiral
  5. Shirt with high full round collar - black for officer

  1. Gold braid. One circles under shoulder. One comes from under shoulder mark and goes to center.
  2. No rank insignia on shoulder, possibly gold braid signifies rank.
  3. Insignia on shoulder

Hope it helps :D
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hey i was wondering does anyone have a pep or template for the halo 3 marines? because i was going to make some armor for my friends to come with me on halloween. and i cant find any files on this forum anywhere
MC Chris said:
I would but i still havent even started on my first armor i'm still on vacation over seas. :lol:

i would to if i wasnt still in school and didnt live in australia
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Hey guys :)

It seems WETA have put up a whole load of new photos from the Halo project on their site, including some lovely stills and on-set photos of the Marines and ODSTs. Anyone got hi-res versions of the new ones?
I too have been wondering what the marine camo is.. (as im wanting to portray a marine)

Weta seem to have used basic US woodland...found this pic on a blog site about Bungie getting some Items from Weta as a thank you or the like..


It looks like they have taken to the modded BDU's...A black coolmax style Crye Top in woodland.


Yet in some pics the cam almost seems like safariflage..


Without someone emailing Weta and asking I think we shall just have to guess and decide what looks koolest!

Ive Just ID'ed the boots from Arms Race as i have the tan pair..

Original SWAT boots.



And The boots in The game are Panama Sole US Jungle boots in black...I would take a pic of them but the ones i have are soaking in the bath...
the camo used in "arms race" is called "safari" it is very much like the stuff used for the USCM aliens clonial marines BDU set, and the same stuff I'm using for my aliens and halo marine costumes.
this is what i will use for my ``arms race/landfall `` marine undersuit


its the more close camo that i found , you can also see in the picture Molle Drop Leg Panel and the Knee & Elbow Pads

what do you think of it ?
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