Master Chief Face-Off! 3 Spartans!!!

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Woot! that was funny...wish it had been a little more clear though what everyone was saying, although the CS pwnage and the wierd greek spartan was awesome.

and the big daddeh makes me want to try one after my SPARTAN.
I love the big daddy part, he just comes out of nowhere and clobbers the Westerfield Spartan :p.

Heel that was great. i sure hope something like that will happen this november when I go to the (ONLY!!!) manga convention here in spain in the WHOLE YEAR.. boo hoo.. Europ is not a great place to be for that kind of people.

Anyways GREAT COSTUMES! That was Adam armor, NAS armor and... ?? Sean Bradley or costum job?? Cant really tell...

OW OW! And anybody notice the GOT POWN3D sticker on the back of the NAS armor dude? HILARIOUS! Gotta do that to mine too! ROFL :lol:

I´m taking off my hat to all of the people there dressed up, especially for big daddy... (and how not) just a little more to the 3 spartans!

Go you!
It's called MTAC (Em-Tack) by the local guys. I plan on going there with mine :)

If anyone is going to the Atlanta con with theirs next year, hit me up. We can plan a Spartan Invasion or something :)
Yeah hey guys, i was the one got first got attacked by the big daddy, i didnt even know he was there till ppl started pointing behind me, it was so chaotic there we had like everyone just wanting to join in, link, sephi, CS, 300Spartans, and of course Jack Sparrow and Naruto, but yeah to the comment about the same armor from g4, it is, its Westerfield armor.
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