Master Replicas Halo Stuff...

I just got my email from Master Replicas, and their 2008 Halo product lineup is as follows:


• Halo 3 FX Plasma Sword
• Halo 3 Scaled Replica Weapons
• Halo 3 Scaled Replica Helmet
• Halo 3 18" Articulated Master Chief Figure

FX PLASMA SWORD?!? DOPENESS!!! Also, see the scaled Replica Helmet? That usually means that they make full size versions in the future...
I dunno, but I hope MR or WETA starts making some high quality props like 1:1 scale weaponry and helmets...that would be very very nice!


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A scaled helmet would look nice, but be useless since it cant be worn. They usually make helmets, and they make them really good, I dont get why they didnt make wearable helmets.


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I was actually expecting this to happen, just really a matter of time. I think an FX sword would be kinda cool. They did a good job with the lightsabers, so Im anxious to see that. I would imagine that they would make a full size MC helmet, but just because they make a scaled version dosnt neccessarily mean that they'll make a full sized one. If I remember correctly, they got into the scaled helmets from the Riddell with the star wars stuff.

Which reminds me.....MR and Lucasfilm could not come to an agreement for renewing their contract. Just after December, they will no longer be making/selling any star wars props!

Yes, a BR replica from them would be bitchen....
More than likely they will be making a BR replica, but I am very much interested in the other items for sale, like the Zelda Items.

Sean Bradley

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I just got my email from Master Replicas, and their 2008 Halo product lineup is as follows:


• Halo 3 FX Plasma Sword


Yeah dude, especially because theres only an ENERGY sword in Halo.... whats a Plasma Sword, is it new? ;)

I kid... but everybody makes this mistake... apparently even Master Replicas.

I wonder if it will bear any resemblance to my energy sword... guess I'm out of luck that both Jasman AND Master Replicas decided to make the Energy Sword... :oops:

I'm gonna go hide under a rock.
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Sigma LS

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Well, while you're under there would ya make me a sword.:lol:

Truthfully I prefer the hand-crafted stuff. Seriously, I'd like to commission one in January. I'll shoot ya a PM then.

Master Replicas is trying to take over, but lets see if they have the guts to start making varients too.


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Sigma-LS said:
Truthfully I prefer the hand-crafted stuff.
Master Replicas is trying to take over, but lets see if they have the guts to start making varients too.
I agree. Licensed stuff may do well with the general public, but mainly because it's more easily found in stores or online.
Master Replicas produced a huge amount of Star Wars replicas but there is still large demand for unlicensed items. As long as a hand crafted item is accurate and not ridiculously over priced, there will still always be people wanting it.
Although I do love my MR FX lightsabers...
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I own alot of MR stuff and it's all good quailty. I have to point out that while the FX sabers are really cool (I own one and I am not even a huge Star Wars buff), crafty fans have been able to improve the FX sabers with removable blades, brighter Luxeon LED and EL tubes, etc...if MR is able to make some fairly decent 1:1 scale Halo props, I am sure the more industrious and imaginative members of the 405th will find a way to make these props better somehow...
Master Replicas FX sabers are good for display but for combat, you have to convert them or you will destroy all the small LEDS inside the blade.

Why not just make your own saber?


Hollis DZC

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I'd rather have your sword instead of the MR version too Sean. There's something about a hand-crafted, high quality prop that wins my hard-earned $$ everytime!



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I'm confused, how do we know that the "scaled" helmet isn't just a helmet scaled for a normal person? After all, the actual helmet at it's original scale is like twice as big as most people's heads.

But still, it's all gonna be awesome either way.
Scaled means .45 scaled, not human scaled. If the title does not have scaled in it then a human can wear it. The scaled helmets are much smaller but are still cool to own.

s meisters

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Good for them. MR does awesome stuff. But it ticks me off knowing they're going to do a H3 Helmet replica. Now I feel outdone. That blows... a lot.