Masterchief UNMASKED!


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Fragclone said:
seriously were you the one who posted this on bungie for5ums? or did you just find it there l:-l
That was TWO MINUTES after your last post, and didn't actually add anything to the topic at hand. Learn to use the edit button, Mmkay?
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Redsleighdown said:
PM me your address and you might recieve a christmas present from ol' Red.
You still making the shirt? Because I think I might get one off you.
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Master Chief 13

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HAs anyone introduced you to the term 'necroposting' it is extremely frowned upon.....especiallf when the things OVER A YEAR OLD!!!.................................just putting that out there :cautious:


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That's two rules broken in under 2 or 3 hours Razor. I think you may want to reread all those stickies again. Thread reported to be locked for necroposting. End of discussion.


just me

now, i have a theory.sgt Johnson survived the flood not because of the boren syndrome, but because he went to take a coffee and said to chuck to double him for a while.
And if you say Chuck does not look like Johnson, he can