Matronoke's Custom Halo Reach Armor Build (Strapping and final mods)


Hey man! Good to see you back to work on the suit. The strapping looks spot on, very nice. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.


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Well Halloween just passed and I was able to throw the suit on to hand out candy. I got a lot of looks from people like 0.0 and someone took my picture with their kids. All in all it was a good night.

Next up is the halo 4 release night. I plan to fix some minor flaws and head on over to pick up my game on release night in the suit. Maybe even get my grenade belt attached. However, I have a very tight schedule with school and work so i hardly have time to do anything =/. Hence the 4 month break since my last post.

I'll maybe have some updates coming but it all depends on time.

In the meantime, keep on building an inspiring!


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Looking VERY cool!

Smart implement of the magnets! That gave me a few ideas. I hope you don't mind I use them later on?

Did you notice any mayor flaws while wearing it? Magnets loosening or shifting?

Jason 078

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I've used magnets to connect mandalorian armor to vests for a while, and might be able to help you with your problems. The biggest thing is that just gluing them will do nothing more than slowly weaken the glue. Also, don't let them sit magnet-to-magnet. Build a small box for them using styrene or some other plastic and glue that to your armor (reinforcing it if necessary). Also, rare earth magnets are probably a better bet than the stuff they put into toys.


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I tried once with earth magnets, cost me dearly to get some... But I found they gave me sh%t with my personal stuff... (bank cards, telephone, etc.)
I can get hold of some VERY decent magnets which though small are quite powerful, very fragile though. and once they break... it's bye bye to the magnetism.

I'll give it a serious thought and try! If I get lost I'll know where to find you Jason-078. Hope you don't mind!

Jason 078

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If I get lost I'll know where to find you Jason-078. Hope you don't mind!
Not a problem. I get all my magnets from HERE. I would suggest the 1/8" x 1/2" disk magnets. They have a good 7-pound one HERE Whish is pretty much the only ones I use. They are a pain in the grunt to pull apart magnet to magnet, but can be separated by 1/8 inch and have no problem in that regard. If you have a thicker area, then go with a thicker magnet, but don't go past 10 lbs... you'll never pull it apart...