MCC Reach: Steam IDs


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With MCC finally dropping on Dec 3rd this year (Less than 2 weeks!) I'm going to drop my Steam ID in here so I can play with all you fine folks. And if you want to drop yours in here too, feel free to do so.

My ID is: Benton188
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My Usernames
Steam: Random Ranger
Xbox: RndmRanger
PS4: halfdead55 (this account is oooooold)
Switch: SW-5997-7393-9580 (friend code)
Blizzard: RandomRanger#11767
Origin: RandRanger

Copied from my profile.
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I cant beleive I havent done this yet. Been meaning to do this for quite a while on the HOG thread.

Steam profile name: dashiv
Steam friend code: 205692466

Xbox gammertag: xX dash IV Xx


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We should pin the discord and steam group somewhere, they're simply too relevant to community engagement.

Yes, I'm looking at you lurking staff member.