Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )


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Hand is almost done: need some switches to control the motors and the screw drive housing.

IMG_20190804_180110410.jpg IMG_20190804_180117895.jpg IMG_20190804_180137086.jpg

Used some old holey socks as dust covers XD

Fixed up the other arm (kinda) and put the hand on. Fancy

IMG_20190804_190723048_HDR.jpg IMG_20190804_190733254_HDR.jpg

Need to adjust the hand mount: it's all jammed in between the frame and metal paneling giving Marduk a permanent thumbs up.


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Bit of work with the hand:

Steering system works more or less as expected. Did a little fiddling to make the cockpit easier to get into: like making a floor!
Hopefully full test drive tomorrow will be installing:

-right waldo arm
-neck rotation power pack (removed when not in use)
-head camera mount
-head camera (removed when not in use)
-optical system core (removed when not in use)
-power cores (removed when not in use)

to do:
rear view camera (USB)