Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )

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  1. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Again, the cursed lawn tractor took up my free time. Went to clean the carburetor and it nearly fell apart in my hand. I think I found the problem.

    Anyway, had to do some after market mods to the T junctions for the crossbeams.

    IMG_20170528_153631.jpg IMG_20170528_153640.jpg
    Man, PVC gets everywhere when you're cutting holes in it.

    Gonna be harambe-gluing them together this weekend.

    Also finally got around to making a custom T-shirt.

    IMG_20170528_123414.jpg 20170528_154422.jpg

    This upcoming Thursday is when my residency with the local Makers Guild officially begins, meaning a sweet $500 to invest into it and more progress! Now I just need to get my van on the road to move the big bits...
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  2. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Settling into my workspace, but not much to show for it... doing all the boring bits first, like building a structure to support the suit while I build it. Still keeping the dream alive though. Made a nifty gif for the presentation on it I'm giving Monday.

  3. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Settled into the maker space and built the boring bit: the Stasis dock to hold the Exo-Mech for display/suiting up.

    IMG_20170615_161603.jpg IMG_20170615_161615.jpg

    And put the feets in. Arms will probably hang over the sides or something.


    The entire thing collapses flat via loose-pin hinges on the back segment so it can fit in my van. Should've taken a pic but didn't :p
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  4. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member



    Did a big order for parts today, should be arriving sometime next week.
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  5. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Had to re-build the stasis dock as the PVC was just too jiggly at 3' segments. Its also wider: 52".


    Also built the arm superstructure.

    IMG_20170701_172830.jpg IMG_20170623_164915.jpg

    Pretty soon I'll have to load the top half into the van and haul it up there. And speaking of the van...

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  6. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Very discussion. Much wow XD

    Anywho, been working on some fiddly bits like the arm bowden anchors.

    And the foot straps

    And some foot extension curves (PVC pits that act like springs)

    Edit: I just realized how cool it would be to make extra-large Spartan armor or something for this...
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  7. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Did a quick test of the top half dripping with 80s cheese.

    Unfortunately the PVC frame for the arms are too heavy for the current shoulder mechanism and shift the center of gravity drastically (even if the pelvis straps were attached). I'm stripping it down to the bare minimum of just bolting the armor to a single pipe for the arms. Aesthetically there won't be any difference.

    Tested the bowden cables yesterday, and they work surprisingly well when you can figure out where to mount them. The other set should arrive tomorrow (monday) so I should have the arms finished by the end of the week.

    Meanwhile, I got some 57 lb springs to swap out the ones on bike suspension rated at 1500 lbs. The springs are too narrow to fit over the suspension cylinder, so I have to cut em down and thread 'em on keyring style... after I get the dremel attachment for cutting discs. Should work, I've had to cut a broken bearing out of my scooter before.
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  8. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Finished the ankle stabilizers (the modified bike suspension), which were hard to figure out but fun to do.

    Top to bottom: Completed stabilizer, spring partially wound on (keyring style and had to be persuaded with a hammer), cut spring, uncut spring and empty suspension cylinder.


    Completed stabilizer


    All four stabilizers:

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  9. mblackwell1002


    Whoa, that thing looks HUGE! How are you gonna walk around in it? I feel like it will be very difficult to walk around in.

    Nevertheless, it looks Papeesheewoosh! Nice work!
  10. Dirtdives


    I'm not seeing it yet but you are putting a ton of work in to this and its great. Keep up the good work!!!!
  11. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    So I've done a few more tests: hooked up bowden cables, added heels onto the feet and took the feet on their first test run.

    At some point during construction a stabilizer bolt on the right hand leg got bent outta shape and a stabilizer mount is on backwards, but even so it is pretty stable. That is and easy fix for this upcoming week (my work schedule changed so I can devote a few hours every day to it now).
    Pretty soon the top and bottom half shall meet!
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  12. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    So... yeah. The stasis dock is too small and narrow to lift the torso high enough to attach the bottom half. I'll have to build an extension with an engine-lift style attachment.

    I also goofed up on the shin armor. All well. Makes great shoulder armor.
    And my residency at the local makerspace is coming to a close. Gonna be on display there for a month. Gives me a chance to prepare the extension and negotiate borrowing my parent's cargo trailer to bring it home. Although I seem to be in a similar predicament to that of the man who built a boat in his basement...
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  13. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Put it all together.


    Probably will invest in an electric winch for the larger stasis dock.
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  14. TheOneWithNoName


    Yea for going for it, but it looks a little small to me. Where are you going to fit both yourself, an engine, a hydrolic pump, the hydrolic tank, alternater, controll surfaces, screens to see out, or the computer to actually manage everything? I thought you said real functional? Then again, I may just be missing perspective on the pictures. The cabin width you listed seams like it should be wide enough barely, so that might be the case...
  15. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    You must crawl before you can walk: This is a proof-of-concept for using PVC a building material. I've been researching Pneumatics with some peliminary calculations. My optical system is a tablet and webcam (Will be replaced with Raspberry Pi eventually) that I need to get around to installing.
    There is no law saying a Mech has to be powered. Just mechanical. I figure this is a good starting point for... whatever.

    Made an additional arm for the stasis dock using some scrap wood:



    To raise/lower it I got a lever-action ratcheting winch at Home Depot.
    Had a display at an event at the local Maker Space:



    Started designing a head.


    And a cardboard mockup. Gonna make a metal version soon.

    IMG_20170917_100157.jpg IMG_20170917_100208.jpg
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  16. Dirtdives


    Looking very Papswoosh!!!!
  17. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    So I got a little bored and made some promo material:

    And put the head on for last week's maker faire.

  18. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    THIs is so good!! Keep up the good work!
  19. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Got a few vids. First is a timelapse of setup.

    Second is an update of some "experiments" last week...

    Upcoming: The revised shoulder mechanism.
  20. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Working on a smaller, easier to handle armor set that I can easily walk around in and not require a stasis dock. I finished revising the shoulder mechanism and gave it some quick cardboard covering. Going to make a video soon demonstrating the degrees of freedom.

  21. AlphaPrym

    AlphaPrym Jr Member

    So, are you stopping the larger build or just taking a break from it for now? BTW, that smaller arm is looking very cool!
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  22. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    The larger build is what I like to call the "Combat Armor", or the designation MARDUK Unit 01-C. This bulky armor is meant for fights against similarly sized giant robot/mechanical suits, so isn't very good for showing off at conventions and stuff. The combat armor is going into storage (aka my van) for the winter.

    I'm making the "aesthetic armor" -or designation MARDUK Unit 01 A- as something I can more easily bring to a convention or make a public appearance.

    A local MakerSpace just started an "Entrepreneur" program, and I've been thinking about trying a kickstarter to actually sell mechs...
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  23. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Too lazy to make a vid about the arm, but motivated enough to design & print a hand:


    Unlike many hand mechanisms, the fingers rely on mechanical force: there is no rubber band or some such making the fingers spring back, making it ideal to attach motors >:)





    And added the supports for the 1/6th scale (GI Joe sized) Unit 01-C

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  24. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Bored again: made some promo art for Unit 01-C...

    daz promov2.png

    My bro gave me some foam matting I'll be cutting up to make that pilot suit.
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  25. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Finally got around to the second arm, and some control rod additions. Expect a video within the week!

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