Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )


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So I got a little bored and made some promo material:

And put the head on for last week's maker faire.



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Got a few vids. First is a timelapse of setup.

Second is an update of some "experiments" last week...

Upcoming: The revised shoulder mechanism.


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Working on a smaller, easier to handle armor set that I can easily walk around in and not require a stasis dock. I finished revising the shoulder mechanism and gave it some quick cardboard covering. Going to make a video soon demonstrating the degrees of freedom.



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So, are you stopping the larger build or just taking a break from it for now? BTW, that smaller arm is looking very cool!
The larger build is what I like to call the "Combat Armor", or the designation MARDUK Unit 01-C. This bulky armor is meant for fights against similarly sized giant robot/mechanical suits, so isn't very good for showing off at conventions and stuff. The combat armor is going into storage (aka my van) for the winter.

I'm making the "aesthetic armor" -or designation MARDUK Unit 01 A- as something I can more easily bring to a convention or make a public appearance.

A local MakerSpace just started an "Entrepreneur" program, and I've been thinking about trying a kickstarter to actually sell mechs...


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Too lazy to make a vid about the arm, but motivated enough to design & print a hand:


Unlike many hand mechanisms, the fingers rely on mechanical force: there is no rubber band or some such making the fingers spring back, making it ideal to attach motors >:)





And added the supports for the 1/6th scale (GI Joe sized) Unit 01-C



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Bored again: made some promo art for Unit 01-C...

daz promov2.png

My bro gave me some foam matting I'll be cutting up to make that pilot suit.


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Worked on the pilot suit a bit. No digital templates, just winged it.

Sketched out a template:

Checking out the orientation of the moobs


Houston, we have moobs!


What to do about the back?


This I guess:

undersuit 02.png

Front is looking nifty too:

undersuit 01.png

Probably gonna make a small vid next weekend wearing the Arm module and the pilot suit.

Added some greebles to the back armor:

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Can't find a compression spring that fits the bike suspension and has the weight rating I need. So I decided to make in into an expansion/compression stabilizing system. AKA many bungee cords.

DSC00291.JPG DSC00293.JPG

I can balance on one foot now rather easily. No proof though: temp dropped and I don't wanna go out in my cold garage. Bad enough I gotta wrestle with my snowblower to keep it from shaking apart :D

Also whipped up a quick covering. Tempted to add in a few more curves now I'm getting the hang of freeforming stuff.

DSC00295.JPG DSC00296.JPG DSC00297.JPG


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Got a shipment of goodies -checking the compatibility of separate bowden cable elements (cables & casing are separate Amazon products)


The cables fit and got some more filament.

Probably not going to be progress for a while: my 23 year old snowblower had less oil than I thought (old oil sticking to the dipstick) and I busted a connector rod -the bit that transfers the explosive power to the drivetrain. This weekend I'm going to be taking the engine apart to put in a new one if the shipment isn't delayed due to snow. If its delayed then I guess there will be progress to pass the time.

This is relevant because I actually have 2 snowblowers, both of which have a broken rod (I suck at checking small engine oil!). If I have a working one I can use the second one for... other things *hint hint*