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Mech/Exoskeleton Build (Full-Size )

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by GMer56, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    are you planning to incorporate this into your design or is it just for fun and random stuff
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  2. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention that it's gonna be the head :p
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  3. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Got a pair of feets:


    I'm actually able to mount them without the stasis dock. Got 40gb of raw video footage (approx 3 hours) of the build process from metal sheet to the pre-trim stage. Plan to process it into some sort of build video. Then shoot some footage of me suiting up and running around in the legs, then arms.
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  4. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Between helping my folks & granny I haven't had much free time. But since I got today off I'm fixing up a 2-stroke weedwacker I found on the side of the road (dirty carbeurator, fuel tank/broken fuel lines, broken primer bulb-now waiting for the fuel tank to dry after rinsing it out) to test my super secret powerarmor module. More on that later.

    I'm also trying out orange on the shin. SO ORANGE O_O

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  5. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Finally figured out how to livestream. From my tablet. At 720p. During peak hours.
    Do I actually sound like that?

    Smacked myself in the eye taking off an elbowpad during an (unaired) test of the legs. They hold up -the legs, not the eye. Might stream a test run if I can find something to mount my tablet to.
  6. GMer56

    GMer56 Well-Known Member

    Managed to wriggle it out the garage door for a few hours of testing. Video to follow.



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