Mechs..coming soon to your local Militia

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looks like a piece of crap to me. Cant go fast cant go on somthing thats not flat without tipping over can even have a smooth ride walk faster than it and i have better reflexes than waiting for a rocket to hit me.
Still in it's pre-useful stages, but it looks like they're moving in the right direction. This mech can only walk on flat surfaces... but theres a lot of work going on right now to develop machines like this that have their own gyroscopic center of gravity and can walk on uneven terrain...and can even withstand a ballistic impact and still stay on their feet. The gyroscope allows the robot to auto-compensate and keep its balance.

If that mech video wasn't enough to freak you out:

Boston Dynamics is refining a robotic mule...basically as a battlefield transport. You'd send it GPS co-ordinates and it would take all your weaponry and supplies to the location on its own...before feet even hit the ground. It's still too loud to be practical...but they'll probably work that out.

I'm sure that the technology will catch up with stuff like this. It's a very cool thing to see reality catch up to fiction in your own lifetime.
kinda of noisy sean XD but its cool at first i was like what the heck it looked like two poeple under sheets XD.
Its wierd two really skinny people with twitchy legs :shock:

I think they'll make it quieter in time
LOL, Remind me off the Space Marine Dreadnought

"I have Awoken"

Anyway, i have seen a more serious four legged truck witch is way more faster and mobile and faster than that (saw it on Discovery)

The legs look like some childish toy

Tanks are cooler though aspecialy Scorpion (Imagine that in real life!)
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