Mendez's Halo weapon 3D print file dump [Download] (HELP NEEDED)

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by CPO mendez, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. RobotChicken


    These are looking really good. Holding out for Halo 3 weapons, though. Your assault rifle is labeled MA5B but the download file is named ma5c.rar. I haven't opened the file to see which is correct (need to be on Windows for .rar) but hoping it's the C because that's the one I'm interested in. Got a Halo 3 Magnum coming?
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  2. Harri51


  3. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    I'm actually having a bit of trouble finding a lot of the Halo 3 files. the MA5B i have on here is the Halo 3 version, not sure why i labeled it as MA5C (but the C version (halo reach AR) is on its way). i'm actually gonna update the Halo 3 AR with a better model just as soon as i can convert it from .PDO to .OBJ stay tuned for more Halo 3 stuff, i'll get to work on it as soon as i power my way through the halo 4/5 weapons.

    and SPEAKING of halo 4/5 weapons, i have the FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Halo 5 Battle Rifle and DMR! both have all their attachments in the folder, however just like the AR, the rail attachment system for the scopes doesn't really work (it wasn't modeled to be attachable, the sights are just clipping through the rails) si a bit of sanding and some spot putty (or magnets if you wanna switch them out) is needed to attach them.

    Halo 5 Battle Rifle.png Guide.png All attachments.png

    HALO 5 DMR
    Halo 5 DMR.png Guide.png Attatchments.png
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  4. Kusak3


    Want to say Love it. And thank you. You are making sure that my printer will never ever stop running ever again. Just hoping you can scare up the BR55 model . I would like to see that if you have it.
  5. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    "You know our motto, we deliver!"

    Halo 2A Battle Rifle.png Guide.png
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  6. Kusak3


    Why Thank you Thank you very much
  7. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Awesome stuff. And again thank you for these models. You guys modeling these are doing a tremendous service for the community. Especially with 3d printing becoming much more main stream, really can't thank you guys enough.
  8. soulborba

    soulborba New Member

    Hello, does anyone get the BR85 HEAVY BARREL SERVICE?
  9. agentflorida


    Where is the morph sight? XD. Just kidding. Those things are impossible.
  10. agentflorida


  11. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    Just living up to the 405th name, mate. it's what we do around here!

    Yeah i've been avoiding the forerunner's floaty bits, at least until we can nail down that whole "quantum levitation" thing. might be a while.

    ANYWAY! i got a BUTTLOAD of files to dump! most of these were real bastards to get working, so a few are a bit gnarly (mainly the Hydra, but once put together it should only need light bondo work on some holes)

    Reach AR.png Guide.png

    Reach SHotgun.png Guide.png


    Plasma rifle.png Guide.png


    Plasma repeater.png Guide.png

    Needle Rifle.png Nrifle Guide.png Needles guide.png

    Concussion rifle.png Guide.png

    Hydra.png Guide.png

    Halo 5 Grenade Launcher.png Guide.png

    That's it for now! next up should be lots of Halo 4 stuff, grenades, and maybe some halo 3 stuff too!
  12. agentflorida


    I don't really think its quantam levitation, I mean the morph sight seems very similar to the didacts armor. I would say its magnetic or anti magnetic in a way. but its just a theory.
  13. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Very very nice might have to add that hydra to my list.
  14. ReClaimer8015


    Cool stuff. Is there hope to see the halo 4 sticky detonator?
  15. agentflorida


    I'm not one to determine that but based on how fast he makes and/uploads, Its possible.
    Hey can you share with me what you use when you finally manage to open the RAR files RobotChicken, I am under the same situation as you.
  16. agentflorida


    For the customization weapons I assume that a tactical rail is in use, and a.. well it looks like you just slide the extra barrel attachment on and I don't know how those things work really work.
  17. RobotChicken


    I have a very old Windows XP system that I use for Pepakura Designer and it has an app "WinRAR" that I found online which can decompress the RAR files. (I wish everybody would just use ZIP which is compatible with both PC and Mac, but oh well.)
  18. agentflorida


    I have a windows 10 but I haven't really looked deep into the programs myself. Thank you for the info Robotchicken.
  19. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    Funnily enough its the next one on my list!

    The barrels are a matter of round peg in round hole, so that's easy enough. but the rail system for the sights is a little more complicated. 343 didn't really model them to actually physically work (cuz, i mean, why would they for a game?) so you'll have to either glue them on, or magnetize them if you want to switch them out. i'm printing the AR right now so i'll post my solution when i get around to making the thread
  20. Kusak3


    More for the collection. Thank you much yet again.
  21. agentflorida


    Should we expect the rocket launcher in any variant any time soon?
  22. fivenerds

    fivenerds New Member

    I would like to make a request (if possible). I am looking for the Halo 3 Spartan Laser. I see you have converted the Halo 5 one but i a, looking for the earlier one. Cheers.
  23. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    I'll give it my best shot but the rocket launchers are pretty damn big, so its gonna be one hell of a project to fully print one.

    I'll get to work on it. just a warning though, all the halo 3 files i have are SUPER low-poly. i don't know if i got a bunch of pep files or if the texture artists at bungie were literal wizards back in the day, but most of them look like garbage! (at least to me)
  24. agentflorida


    It wasnt really a request, just wanted to keep the thread going. Good luck.
  25. blackace936

    blackace936 New Member

    So these had me so excited I finally went and got my own printer. What kind of recommendations does everyone have on print settings for things like these? I'm still getting my bearings and wasn't expecting the learning curve to be quite this steep. Can't wait to get the shotgun printed first!

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