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Mendez's Halo weapon 3D print file dump [Download] (HELP NEEDED)

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by CPO mendez, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    i detail it more in the thingiverse postings that i've done, but my reccomendation is Medium setting (almost any slicer program that comes with a 3D printer has "low quality" (fast but not very smooth), "medium quality" (takes a little longer but looks nicer), and "high quality" (takes a long time but looks very smooth)) and a smaller (around 10-15%) amount of infill (infill is the density of the "honeycomb" structure that's on the inside of the model to give it strength, as opposed to leaving it hollow and fragile). this is just to make things faster and use less filament. but if you're just swimming in reels of filament and can't get rid of them fast enough, then you can honestly do whatever setting you please.
  2. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    Alright! mini-update with a few finished ones, with probably 5 or 6 more ALMOST done!

    Most of this is Halo 4 stuff, with some reach and ODST mixed in. I got a couple people i can talk to about getting better Halo 3 files, because the ones i have now are REALLY bad. so if i can get my hands on some proper files, then expect TONS of halo 3 stuff!

    First off, ReClaimer8015 requested the H4 sticky detonator:

    Sticky Detonator.png Guide.png

    Assault Rifle.png Guide.png

    Beam Rifle.png Guide 1.png Guide 2.png
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  3. locostorm


    if i could make a request. could you maybe do a halo combat evolved magnum? i think that would be really cool for a hard core fan like myself. just a thought.
  4. fivenerds

    fivenerds New Member

    What software do you use to split the rifles?
  5. kaween


    fivenerds : My guess is Netfab. Clean flat surfaced cuts like these are a breeze in NetFab free/basic/however they call it these days. Could be done with Meshmixer too, but I prefer NetFab personally for this kind of job.
    More advanced types of Free cuts (slanted/angled/size limited) can be done in NetFab too, but only using the more expensive versions OR during the first 30 days of the Private/Pro trial period.

    locostorm : the CE Magnum is one of the better models that has existed on Thingiverse for years now. Combined Remix of Dan0nator's Halo Pistol and MTriron slide with resized mags by guitartoys , inclusive removable mag,working slide and model stampings on the side.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2017
  6. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    locostorm : the CE Magnum is one of the better models that has existed on Thingiverse for years now. Combined Remix of Dan0nator's Halo Pistol and MTriron slide with resized mags by guitartoys , inclusive removable mag,working slide and model stampings on the side.[/QUOTE]

    locostorm there ya go man. already done for ya. (and much better than what i could pull off).

    You're giving me too much credit, kaween! i've self taught myself in the basics of maya (because its what i had access to for free) and Microsoft's Azure STL fixer (also free) to "un-hollow" the cut chunks so they can be printed. since it exports as .3mf i also have a (kinda sketchy, honestly) mesh converter program to convert it back to .obj and .stl. i have been looking at netfab and other, more advanced slicers to streamline my roundabout way of doing this, but at this point i'm thinking "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
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  7. blackace936

    blackace936 New Member

    So I got the shotgun printed and the magnum should finish up sometime today. These things are humongous haha
  8. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    Well don't hold out on us man! show us some progress pictures!
  9. StayFrosty


    Do you plan on doing the revised Halo 2 beam rifle that was put in Halo 5 since you did the regular one?
  10. mblackwell1002


    I'm sure he would consider it, but we don't have the files for Covi stuff yet.

    Mendez, would you like to join forces and create higher quality and smooth models? I've been using Blender, and I could smooth and detail the models, but they end up as surface models rather than solid bodies. So I would need you to solidify and slice the models. I do ask that you keep the files in one big piece, because some of us have larger printers, and when we want to print the files, we have to make the prop in 30 parts when we could slice it on our own and print it in 5 pieces.
  11. StayFrosty


    Oh, is that from the halo 4 files, not the halo 5 ones?
  12. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    its like what mblackwell said. i would love to do the old style beam rifle, but since it was DLC in halo 5, its not in our file archive yet. once we get the halo 3 files figured out, i'll be posting the (almost identical) beam rifle from that game.

    mate, you're an absolute godsend. i've been looking for someone to do EXACTLY what you're offering. as long as you can make it a .obj mesh that can be imported into maya, then i can take it from there!

    Now, as for the files. i've gone a bit quiet recently because i've been trying to figure out what the HELL is going on with the halo 3 weapon files! thankfully, i finally got it figured out. Turns out, back in the Halo 3 days, bungie didn't have much to work with in terms of hardware specs for the xbox 360 of the time. this meant that they had to pull a lot of clever tricks to make Halo 3 look good. a major part of this was the weapons in the game. polygons take up memory, and they only had a certain number of polygons in their "budget", so, they made VERY rough wireframe models, and then made up for it with with bump maps and clever texturing methods, both of which took up much less memory. this was great for the game, but terrible for me, because bump maps and texture tricks don't exist in the real world. here's a good comparison that i threw together:

    Pretty easy game of "spot the difference", right? thankfully, the adding of details SHOULD be easy. its a lot of simple shapes, you've already got the base model to work off of, etc. however, its just beyond my very rudimentary skills at the moment. so does this look like something you could do for at least some of the weapon files?

    And as for the slicing up, i keep the full model .obj included with the download (not on thingiverse though) for that exact reason. if you got a big printer and wanna do big prints, then go for it! (or you could just be a lazy schmuck like me and dump 6 or 7 pieces into one print at a time and just not care about the couple hours tacked on from tool travel between models)
  13. RobotChicken


    Yep, that's the same issues faced with modeling the Halo 3 Master Chief armor. Not much detail on the game model so having to overlay bump maps and textures. Currently doing that now with the Pillar Of Autumn model. Tedious.
  14. StayFrosty


    Isn't the halo 3 one quite a bit different from the halo 2 one? If I recall correctly, the halo 3 one is much longer and has a smoother look to it, similar to the halo 4/5 one.
  15. NobleSpartan

    NobleSpartan New Member

    Is there anyway we can get them textured? I'd like to use this for a 3d animation in my montage
  16. fivenerds

    fivenerds New Member

    I am having trouble converting the H3 Spartan Laser into STL for printing. I know that there is a much better one already (H5), but I need a H3 one. I am working with the Spartan Laser by Nugget file. Can someone help?
  17. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    check out the Halo Online modding forum, they got all the assets textured and ready for animation.

    If you can give me a download link to a .OBJ i can chop it up for printing or just convert it to .STL if you'd like. Mblackwell is helping me out with the halo 3 files, so if you wanna wait i'll be putting my own version out soon!

    Anyway! i got more files! finally got around to the grenades, and more halo 4 stuff:


    Plasma Grenade.png

    Battle Rifle.png Guide.png

    HALO 4 DMR
    DMR.png Guide.png

    Magnum.png Guide.png

    ODST Pistol.png Guide.png

    Plasma Pistol.png Guide.png
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  18. fivenerds

    fivenerds New Member

    The file name is Spartan Laser by Nugget. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you .
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  19. kaween


    What exactly is the problem ? Cause this lowres file converts without any issues into stl. (converted into stl, zipped for compression and file-compliance)

    Attached Files:

  20. fivenerds

    fivenerds New Member

    The problem I have is slicing it.
  21. NobleSpartan

    NobleSpartan New Member

    Hype dude! I've been wanting to use some 3d models for my montage as I am new to 3d animating/modeling! I will be sure to credit if I have success with 3d
  22. NobleSpartan

    NobleSpartan New Member

    How do I import these files into c4d hallpp!! :d
  23. kaween


    Shoot me a message. Stuff like this is so easy and basic, you shouldn't have to depend on other people to be doing that.
    Just tell me what you need, give me 2 minutes and you'll know all there is to know about slicing. In fact, you're not the only one. I'll put up a small tutorial this week explaining "slicing" which is really about the most basic operation you (need) to know as a 3D printer owner. :)

    PS : just did : Slicing and cutting 3D models is NOT hard. In case of issues : read.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  24. blackace936

    blackace936 New Member

    So I tried to be a productive member and modify the magnum into the gun fighter version in inventor but ran into geometry errors that won't let me edit the middle section of the slide. I've created and am printing the front section however. Any chance you're able to get files of the gunfighter and the tactical magnums? I'll keep trying to edit the file and upload .stl if I'm successful
  25. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Pretty sure Kaween just uploaded a modular m6h with the gunfighter configuration yesterday as part of the ffa series. its a few threads down

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