Mesh needs electronics!


Hey all!
I get paid tomorrow, I'm super excited and I decided to put some of the money towards swanky electrics for my armour :D

Problem is, I have no idea where to get or how to set anything up D:

I'll soon be receiving an ODST Helmet, and I want to kit it out with Fans, and Speakers out and a Microphone to go with it. I also want to look at those Drone Headsets so I don't have as much pressure on making a perfect visor :D

I also want to make an ODST Backpack in which I put a bigger speaker inside, and play either Halo music through it or have it toggle through different sounds from the game, or even have random chatter go through it.

Any suggestions or links to what I'd need is very much appreciated! :)


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Easy! . but here is the sticker shock... VIdeo glasses are 120-500 bucks or more. Plus a wide angle cam.

as for mics and audio that is trival . IF you need a PA then there are quite a few nice ones.

Ill get ya a link to some good ones. As for music in the mix. you need a way to mix audio streams.

i use the same exact one above in my chief.

Ive not tired this one yet but it looks smaller,160_&psc=1&refRID=Z131CNE3ZADWPNZPQ36P

both have a 3.5 MM line level and a mic jack . In a pinch that acts as a fixed mixer.

for fans . you can get 5V fans that run on USB bat packs or 4 AAA or AA cells .




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You might want to buy a google cardboard and find an AR app to try out the drone headset concept. We see in stereo vision normally, so it can be a bit disorienting to use a headset with a single camera. You also might need to account for the camera's position in relation to your eyes. Said shorter, play with it for awhile before trying it out at a con and be careful on stairs and escalators.

That said, they aren't all the expensive (link), you do need some distance from your eyes to get it to work, so the helmet might need some modifications to fit it.

For the PA system I have had some success with a cheap loudspeaker (similar to what peter suggested) and a perforated can. It adds a very metallic (puns for days) tone to the speaker that I needed for an NCR ranger costume. It does take some work to get right, but it sounds pretty good if the volume isn't too loud.


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for a ODST Its not needed .
I have a few sets of video glases . a few HMDs for PC use and Soon a Hololens ;)
while its cool as heck. I would chat with barry ( sandbagger) He did a install video glases in his metal iron man and has put them IN a costume and may have some tips on his use .

. I use mine video glasses for work stuff not cosplay.

mesh Ill get ya a few links. for teh amp,160_&psc=1&refRID=8WQB2WV9PZ350XE96NSG

Ive noticed most look the same and have VERY sylimar cases . some here use the aker brand. I got the croove. Frankly they all look the same and when we opened them up the PCB was 90% the same ICs and other parts.
I am a EE . Ill bet ya a buck they took the ICs whitepaper test circuit and just baked it on a PCB and was done with it .

ONE point. most are a 5V in charge but are a 2.1x5.5MM jack that is normally used for 12V use .( * arggg how stupid* ) ... Ive got tons of bricks that have 12V out on that plug . I would label the brick !
you dont wanna mis charge a Low budget Lithium ran device the way they charge the batt in there is kinda IMO sketcy . smoke and fire might result ...

also most take a internal 18650 LiFePo cell

. ya know the E cig ones. .. I often forget to turn off my amp after a con . I am repainting my chief and fiixing the chest . I have the amp removed right now . I am gonnna gut the case . Print a new one and make the singel cell a External single cell holder so I can swap in a new one in a pinch.