Microsoft Enters Handheld Market With Zune X

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all i can say is comfirmed fake.. if microsucks does release a zunexbox mix it will have 2 joysticks to play games as the xbox did.. fps wouldnt run at all... that layout is just a modded zune.... but since its a fake well people can dream.. but they never dream well do they?

anywas if microsucks were to release a handheld console it would be in relation to xbox but it would have its own name in the first place... not zunex if you say it 3 times fast its unix and we all know microsucks wont call it like that.. something original will apear.

i call microsoft microsucks not because it makes bad games but because of its many issues with its operating systems and how it at times continues to fail... but never in the games area from what i can tell.. that section of the company is good.


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Eventually, Microsoft will come out with a handheld. I plan to be camping in front of GameCrazy when it happens. :D Even if it doesn't happen for a while. I wonder how it would cope with games? Cartridge? Something more UMD-like?


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*Sigh* :( Just when I started looking forward to an all night camp out, followed by walking two feet to the starbucks beside gamestop to play the Halo mmo. :cautious: Unfortunantly, there have been rumors of the xbox handheld for the past year and a half. I still remember seeing tons of stupid fake concept art on the net, and going to gamestop to discuss it with the employees, only to find they had no idea what I was talking about. I think Microsoft knows that when and if they do release a handheld, they'll make a killing! I don't understand why they don't just go ahead and develop it, instead of egging people on with concept art. It's not a bad thing to milk the 360 for all it's got, because it could make them a lot of money. But realeasing a handheld to sell along side it is not such a bad idea either.

Personally I would have both my kidneys removed and sold on the black market to be able to play halo on a handheld. It's kind of something I've just always wanted to do. :cautious:


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Ohhh, the Zune HD looks very cool! a massive improvement on the original. Although i think it will find it hard to compete with the Iphone/pod. Especially if they don't completely re-design the current Zune player UI, the original UI was fine, but the current one... shudder
Personally i would love a Zune phone, just to stick it to the Iphone users... :lol:

as to rumors of MS going into the handheld market, they are entering it kind of late, i can see them loosing a fair bit of money, like the original Xbox did, but i suppose with the massive number of 360 fans there are... who knows.
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