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I really wish I had some examples of my animation work from the last couple years, but unfortunately, technology makes fools of us all at some point. I have been able to recover some of my illustration work thankfully so here is a little bit of what I do.

I am currently majoring in Viz Dev (visual development) and I want to become a concept artist when I graduate. For anyone who knows who Isaac Hannaford is, I want his job one day. He is the lead concept artist at Bungie Studios in Washington. My ultimate goal as an artist is to work on a Bungie project. I follow them very closely and I love watching their video documentaries over and over and dreaming of working with such an enthusiastic and creative group of people.
great wyrm chasm.jpg bountyhunter.jpg sandhunter.jpg gentlebrute.jpg fl.jpg
The works above were some of the works done over winter break, 2012. My preference is creating character and creatures, but I find it also important (and sometimes fun) to work on background/environment designs.

So far my education has been a long tough battle. I have taken nearly all the animation/illustration classes available at my school. This ranges from intermediate animation (both 2D and 3D) to advanced visual development. I have had a bit of a secret love of physics, ever since I was in junior college. A student of mine had a father who taught advanced physics at my junior college and simply listening to him talk about it had me captivated. Unfortunately I was never able to learn much other than what I took time to learn on my own. I had heard many good things about Physics of Animation when it first became a course here at SJSU. Unfortunately, again, I was unable to register due to the popularity of the class as well as needing to take the WST. But now that I am here, I am even more excited than ever to learn something new.

If you're still curious as to who Isaac Hannaford is, this is a link to his blog: