Mk V Suit *New pics pg. 5*

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Thanks for the nice comments guys :mrgreen:

Helmet is now tweaked, padded, and has LEDs. I just fiberglassed the chestplate and will paint it tomorrow. More pics then.

smilie- I also think that the MK VI is teh awesome but I've had three different versions of it. I only decided to keep one and for this I wanted to go in a new direction that fewer people had done. Plus I do agree with Ares that the MK V pwns. It's like someone took a space suit and made it into battle armor. But then again, there's not much in Halo that I don't like. ;-)
My good camera broke so this is the best I could get without it. I'll take the points off the top of the chest plate once I get the backpack together.

Hope you all like it. :mrgreen:

Helmet and Chestplate

White lights on

Secondary RED lights on (for those stealthy night missions, or when fighting predators) :shifty ninja:
HOT armor. Now I'm probally going to make MK V so I can dual my little brother. He's being a H2 edition Spartan.
Dude, you should put a green light and use it to communicate like in the books. You know the whole acknowledgement light thing.
Thanks :mrgreen:

Where would the green light go exactly? I've never had a chance to read the books.

Also, does anybody know where I can get the ultra pale green body lights for the Chief? There are so many of them on the Mk V, I'm looking to get them cheap.
I think the acknowledgment lights actually go inside the helmet, on the HUD. That way you can communicate with a team member who isn't directly in your line of sight.
MKV Suit *Updated pg. 3*

Just a little update on what I've been working on. I used a kid-sized catcher's vest as underarmor and it worked just about perfect. The second pic shows a better view of my sculpted gutplate. It might seem I'm a little slow for you pepa types but the MKV is a much bigger pain than the MK VI, it just doesn't unwrap very well. Oh well, it's still all worth it in the end. Hope you guys like it.


Thanks for the awesome feedback guys. :mrgreen:

I will say that I do plan on making a mold of the helm at least after I finish the suit just because there are a few things I can't fix with the original that I could with a resin or rondo cast. As to the rest, we'll just have to wait and see. ;-)

I actually have a few other parts that are assembled but not good enough yet for me to put in with the finished painted ones. I'll put up some more pics once I finish the rest of the upper body, which I can now do thanks to a little technique I figured out for the irritating forearm armor. hehehe

I'll give you the details once I've got pics to go with it.
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