Mk V Suit *New pics pg. 5*

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Im not a fan of the MK.V as much as I am the MK.VI.

That aside, I think it looks fantastic.
Thanks everyone. I'm really hoping to kick this thing into gear and have it finished by the second week of August. I'd be further along but I've just been trying to do too many projects at once: H2 ODST, M6D conversion, AEG+FAMAS=BR, etc. I gotta focus! :mrgreen:

But I guess it will get done when it gets done *cough* at least before Halo 3 *cough*

Oh, and for all you Mk VI lovers out there. I like it a lot too. That's why I've owned three different suits and six helms (still own one suit and five helms and am working on a second suit) But I can't paint my NAS armor until it is bondo smoothed and sanded to perfection :cry1: (halfway there I'll make a new thread when it's ready to start painting).
I like the V better, simple because it is more practical, and is actually anitomically correct. Not like the VI, with it's non-existant pelvis and disfigured legs.
Not a big fan of the blue, but the overall craftsmanship is great I want to do mark V first, so I can try so see if I can set the brown/green thing goin' on (good self challange).

(edied, because the secont time I read it, it looked like a rip on the paint job)
Thought I would post up a bit of my progress with the forearm armor.

I started with the regular pepakura piece with texture.

I fiberglassed it

Then I outlined the armor plates I wanted to build up with clay.

Then I filled in that area with bondo

Removed the clay border, sanded and primered it before sanding a second time

Then added some more bondo to fill the rough spots and gave it another coat of resin.


Next I'll smooth the whole piece and paint it.

Here it is after step four before sanding on me for some scale. I think I'll have the upper body done in not too long a time. Everything is fiberglassed and sanded. I just need to add the details, paint, pad and strap it.

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