Mk V Suit *New pics pg. 5*

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It's kind of rare to see a Mk V (H1) helmet nowadays and I really haven't seen any great ones so I decided to make one. Well, it started out as a papercraft project but now is mostly fiberglass (two coats resin over cloth) and bondo (internal structure and weight). I did a quick mock up spray paint job on it and saw a couple of glaring flaws I need to fix in the symmetry but any advice on improvements or future work? I'd call it 3/4 done at this point.



Thanks for the compliments! I'll keep you updated as I get furthur along.

honest_insanity said:
ahh old school! dude that will look sweet when its 100% done
:dee: im jealous!

Well, if it turns out as good as I hope, I might make a mold of it... ;-)

.....huh 4:30 am?, I hate what finals do to a normal sleep cycle :evil:
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Im sure it will look good when its completed, but right now it looks like donning a helmet made of razor blades EEEEOUCH :wowie:
y'know, call me crazy, but I think that looks really cool the way it is.

if you make a whole suit that looked that color and kind of warped, you could put it on a mannequin and call that your "first" suit, it was trashed when you fought the covenant, and so that's why you upgraded to your MVI
Well, here's mock-up number 2

Lots of sanding, increasing the visor size, and a half gallon of bondo later this is what I got. For the quality I want eventually, I'm gonna have to call it only half done at this point. The back needs the most work.



Darth-Malevelus said:
Lookin good!
How long has it taken you thus far to get this far?


It took me about two hours to edit the H1 MC model to just the helmet.
Then I split it into the top and bottom halves for the papercraft. It took me about twelve hours to put together the original cardboard and epoxy reinforced papercraft from 50 letter sized pages, then not counting drying time, another four hours for initial fiberglassing and bondo reinforcement. Then another eight for all the new work I put into it.

So 26 hrs not counting drying time, more like 50 if you count drying time especially on the fiberglassing.
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Back with Mock up 4 :mrgreen: . These are the final paint colors and some preliminary weathering. The back and cheek lights still need a little work but I'll come back to them when I add lights and padding. I start the chest plate TODAY! I hope to have the rest of the suit done by end of July.


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