MLC's journey to becoming MC!

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Awsome work man! And maradon you do realise your name sounds like martyrdom right? Just promise us you wont drop a nade' in your suit if you die!
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Looks great - what waist size is it designed for (without modification)? Have you tried to sit in it? I'm curious as to how much flexibility the fiberglass will have without cracking as it looks like it's all one piece.

Inquiring minds want to know... ;)
Without any modifications/cuts - the whole belt has a circumference of 45" - which is a tad loose on me actually as not all sides are touching my body firmly. I also gave it some consideration for any undersuit/clothing thickness & details that bulges the total circumference of our waist. Consideration on the backside of both pouches as well - 'coz they're made to function & function greatly if I may add :p

Yes, I tried sitting on it - tried it with a hard bench, a bed and my computer chair. The belt doesnt really go under, so it just stops where the end of the butt plate resides firmly on the chair. Of course, once the underside hits the chair, it will ride the back portion to go up a bit, but nothing that would make you feel awkward.

There would be ways in which the belt could be widened or maybe a bit smaller - but it would require cut(s).

BTW- we're getting kinda crowded with some of the master pieces here, so if anyone would be interested in the helmet, torso & belt masters - kindly email me so we could discuss particulars:
I will only answer questions relating to them in emails......not on this board.

Mardon (MLC)
How many inches could be removed from the belt before it started to look disproportional? At 45" it's truly Master Chief sized. Mere mortals want to know. Also what's the measurement along the inside of the chest?
MLC said:
Been pretty hectic last few months but hopefully things clears up so I could continue with this project ;)

Yes please - and welcome back!
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