Mold Making non-tutorial


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I'm not finished editing the video yet, but I uploaded it "so far" so... enjoy.

Note - This isn't the BEST way to make a helmet mold. Normally you would get metal thin plates, and do a two part mold... but hey, this is how I did this one.
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Can't wait to see the finished video. It will help a lot when I finally get the money to do mine. You know so I don't waste my money messing up.


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Very very very nice work Adam. I serously like it.

Btw Adam, your inbox is full and I am trying very very very hard to send you a PM... please reply If you read this.


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newer more done video is rendering now... will show you that when it is finished... sorry taking so long.


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Great video! I was wondering how many coats of resin to use but I didn't want to bother anyone by asking, very much appreciated