Mold Making Tutorial


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Okay I get the whole idea on how to make a mold, My only Problem/question is how do you mold the chest piece, or the thighs, shins, boots. I get on how to mold the Helmet, and shoulders, but the rest is hard for me. I have two chest pieces that I would love to mold and cast. Does anyone have a video or knows of ones that might help.


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Hey PyroPsycho. Be aware of the dates you are responding to or asking questions about. This thread is 3 years old and is a Sticky which means it's mostly for reference. Replying on an old thread is frowned upon as it pushes newer and currently relevant threads down the line. As for a reply....It's a good bet that a reply isn't forth-coming. It's been a while since last posting.........You could try PMing the author directly....but if they haven't been on for a while....again don't expect a reply.

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Thanks for posting this stuff. It helps us all learn from your experience and cut down on wasted materials.


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