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Mold Making Tutorial

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Adam, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Con Man

    Con Man New Member

    I thought castign was goin to be hard for my first project but this has made it easier to understand what to do, thanks
  2. draco61

    draco61 New Member

    thanks for the download i was looking for it
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  3. jhayezr90

    jhayezr90 Jr Member

    wow this helped a lot thank you
  4. BladeSlasher

    BladeSlasher Jr Member

    thank you!
  5. Aaron

    Aaron Member

    First of all, kind of a big necro, and second: stop making random posts to bring up yuor post count! i dont wanna be mean, but that's against the rules.
  6. IceBack

    IceBack New Member

    There are many variations that determine the length of the mold before it starts to deteriorate. Type of mold, what you are pouring into the mold. Are you using mold release. Are you doing lots of pours without giving the mold time to relax or sit. Plus many other reasons.
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  7. KeXun

    KeXun Jr Member

    thanks this is very helpful
  8. Walter4

    Walter4 Jr Member

    thanks man this helps
  9. Walter4

    Walter4 Jr Member

    keep up the good work
  10. Barrett 50cal

    Barrett 50cal New Member

    your videos are amazing but can you mold pep weapons and armour please reply
  11. TaKaGaRi

    TaKaGaRi Member

    links dead and I can't seem to search for them. Any chance for a fix?
  12. DarkDeath4

    DarkDeath4 New Member

    My computer doesnt let me go to the link....
  13. KillaPlaya247

    KillaPlaya247 New Member

    I dont know how to see these videos. I keep copying them into the URL and it doesnt work. I need to see these, please help.
  14. Roadkiller

    Roadkiller Well-Known Member

    Here's the first one, related videos are available from it:

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2017
  15. loxton117

    loxton117 Member

    i think Ben streepers videos on youtube would be highly helpful to someone who doesn't know how to mold.
  16. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    The video dosent include 3D objects, and how to cut a mold, without cutting the original model.
  17. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Very good tutorial from Freeman! I used to get their casting resin and silicone mold but it got too costly really fast. I found a local dealer that sells more quantity-wise for about the same amount of money.
  18. newfiebackflip

    newfiebackflip New Member

    I don't know if its my computer or not but I can't click on the links or anything it shows up in text like this.


    How can I view them? Adam makes awesome video's!
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  19. Roadkiller

    Roadkiller Well-Known Member

    This is the result of a hack of the site about a year ago, many links were broken both during the hack and the repair process.

    For these videos, you can copy and paste the Youtube addresses enclosed in quote marks into your address bar and you should be able to view them. For example, from the line:


    Copy this part which is enclosed in quote marks in the line above:

    Paste that into your browser's address bar.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  20. newfiebackflip

    newfiebackflip New Member

    Thanks Roadkiller
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  21. AKA

    AKA New Member

    good job ..... thx
  22. Ghoster

    Ghoster New Member

    Again, thank you.
  23. Spartan 213

    Spartan 213 Jr Member

    thnx dude this helped a lot i was so confused cuz i wanted extra molds of something but i didn't know how without recking my main piece
    thnx a million
  24. CV26

    CV26 Jr Member

    No tutorial show that, I sheach me too a tutorial with the full method, thanks for reply guys !
  25. Arioch



    Nice one! This thread is about 5 years old lol....

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