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When you make a mold how long does it last. Can you keep making more and more casts or is it a one and done kind of thing. I would really like to start a set of molded armor in the near future (next year or so). But I really suck at sculpting so i might be kinda stuck. But if I can get that down id like to maybe get to where Id sell a helmet or two or something like that in my spare time.
Mmm. I've had a mold last me one molding! Yess!
And i still have this old pistol mold that I casted about 75 of.
How hard is sculpting? I mean I think I might do an ok job of it. I haven't really ever done it. I mean I did crap in JH but thats about as far as it gets. I know its gonna take time and I will just have to be patient.
Adam said:
between 5 and 50 times...

I'm making new molds now.

I read on one of your messages that you sent someone a kit. Do you sell them or did you do it for a friend? If you sell them how much would a kit cost and what would it include?
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