clay and molds and casting

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Not a new member, just haven't been on here for a few years and my account doesn't seem to be on here any more.

Anyways. I was thinking of using clay to make what I want and then using smooth-on to make a mold and cast.

I'm not artistic that much (but at times I am) so using clay to make what I want would be a challenge. Was looking for advice from anyone who has done it this way. What clay is best to use to sculpt and make a mold of and what smooth-on products to use?

Hello. the kind of clay you want is called WED clay. It is basically just sculpting clay but it has a special additive which drastically slows down the dry time. However you can also just to Michael's and pick up some regular sculpting clay its like a dollar a pound. I buy mine in 10 pound blocks. If you use regular clay then you need to have a spray bottle with water on hand so you can keep the sculpt wet as you work. You also need a good 12 hours of free time and your molding materials on hand first before you start sculpting, that way as soon as your done sculpting you can immediately start molding it. If you don't then the clay could dry out and crack. Hope this helps
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