Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build

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    So.... I have a Mac that is about 9 years old and a bootleg version of Photoshop CS4. I tried to make a template by tracing over the image of the Slasher that I previously posted.
    I used the pen tool to make some paths... Unfortunately when I stroke the path the lines that it makes are pixilated.
    Also trying to scale it to full size didn't turn out very well.
    Now iff I had Illustrator this would be different story...
    I wanted to see how it would look when I printed it. Another problem... My Mac is too old and not compatible with the printer I currently have.
    Looks like I'll have to do this the old fashioned way and freehand a template.
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    Maybe try Inkscape?

    I'm more of an MS Paint guy myself, but I was recently shown how to bitmap my MS paint lines in Inkscape so they become beautiful non pixelated lines. Long story short, if you can do a black and white pixely trace I can help you convert it for scaling.

    Can you post the file you've already done and maybe we can try it out?
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    PerniciousDuke, I'll check out inkscape when I get the chance. Also will upload the trace that I have when I get home.

    Update news: photo dump! Started on the body armour over the weekend. Wrapped up my dummy with plastic wrap and duct tape and drew out a pattern for the base of the armour.
    20190112_151320.jpg 20190112_152526.jpg
    Then transfered the pattern to foam and assembled the base of the armour.
    20190112_220247.jpg 20190112_220232.jpg
    I felt that something was way off with the look. After spending 30 min looking a reference photos I realised that I had the armour follow the lines of my ribs and that made it come down too far. So I trimmed off about 1 to 2 inches.
    20190112_233612.jpg 20190112_233624.jpg
    After that came some patterns for the fancy swirls.
    20190113_003233.jpg 20190113_003243.jpg
    And then traced and cut the front.
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    Little bit of work done tonight. Rounded out the edges with my rotary tool and then carved in the swirlies with a wood burner. 20190115_211851.jpg

    I got a little excited and slapped some. Double sided tape on it and mocked up on the base.
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    Looking great!

    Do you plan to heat form the breast plate more? The tops of the swirls could use a little contouring to the body. Could just be the angle though.

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