Mormons -Southpark Style

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this is so funny because its more truthful than the official version the the mormon church publishes, and seeing as am a non mormon in utah this is awesome.

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really? that sounds kind of.....dum dum dum dum duum

oh...not what you said was the video.
I love mormons... and that southpark episode pretty much has it down. they say it in a way that makes it sound stupid, but it's mostly the truth.

Mitt Romney for president!
i guarantee i know more about mormons than anyone on this site... probably including mormons (who are not supposed to research these types of things)

after all my research, i still believe they are the closest to being the perfect church, even though i don't believe all what they teach....
oh, really? what inspired to you do the research?

also, i know quite a bit about the LDS religion, ive been surrounded by it for years, aswell as read many books about it, for the sake of being able to soundly criticize the religion. and honestly you can research as much as you want but until you live in utah valley for a while you really dont know whats actually going on.
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