Mortal Kombat 1 Smoke


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I got a new printer (ender 3 s1pro) for my birthday a couple days ago and decided to use it for my new project! Smoke from Mortal Kombat! Since MK1 just came out I decided to do that version.
Smoke_MK1 (1).png

I know he looks kinda purpleish in this picture, but I think it's the lighting. He's usually just grey so bear with me if the colors aren't acurate to this image lol. (If yall think im wrong and he is kinda purple, please let me know before I paint the rest of him LMAO)
Anyways I started with the base of those arm guard things
next I decided to not do the default mask and choose an unlockable one. I chose "Shadowed from veiw" cuz of the cool dragon teeth and pink LEDs cuz I'm a sucker for LEDs and the color pink

The printing has begun. And even though this is a whole cosplay, the mask is sort of a test print since idk what I'm doing with the new printer yet

It seems to be doing okay. It's also MUCH quieter than the CR10 there's no beeping, and I can't hear the parts moving at all. The only sound is a faint buzzing (cooling fan I think) while it's turned on. I could fall asleep with this on in my room probably haha.
I still need to sand it, and I accidentally hacked off some of the teefs while removing the supports :cry: but it looks pretty. I definitely chose the right mask. I was able to glue the teeth back in also lol


I feel so cool right now lol. Also I resized it before printing and I made it fit my face perfectly. Nothings holding it on in this picture it's just chillin on there. Also its super comfy
Screenshot_20231029-125355_Video Editor.jpg
Added a strap to hold it on, and LEDs! I ended up going with a different color though... GREEN! Which is an alt color that exists in game. Now it looks like the dragon mask is breathing soul magic which is also green
Screenshot_20231029-164853_Video Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20231029-163353_Video Editor.jpg
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