Mountain Dew Halo 3 Game Fuel ...?

Is Halo 3 getting overmerchandised?

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Sean Bradley

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Just saw this...


Mountain Dew and the Xbox are no strangers. They've been cross promoting for years. But now, the super sugary soda tastes even more Microsofty, with this limited edition Halo 3 Game Fuel version that tastes less like early morning condensation from mountains and more like Master Chief. Yes, the mysterious Spartan is infamous for his citrus cherry blend of sweetness.

;) Alright... I'll buy. Just as long as it doesn't taste like that god-awful Code Red stuff.
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Yeah, I made a "Halo Overkill?" Thread a while back, that asked if there was 'Too much Halo," but almost nobody believed me. Believe me now, everybody?

I'll still buy some though.
I wish they would do regular mt. dew.... I don't like the "remixed" kinds. More sugar than regular mt. dew. If that is even possible.
i kinda think they are. the only thing that im alittle worried about is that there is going to be soo much hype like last time, that people are going to think it will fall short. now i dont think halo 2 was fell short at all. the reason some people didnt like it was because halo 1 was soo ground breaking that everyone was expecting that from halo 2
i am goign to buy 2 of those! im gonna drink one and keep the other one then sell it like when none of them exsits.
OMG IF THATS THE DEFINITION OF AWSOME i dont know what is, I hope my work gets some soon so i can hide a pallet out back for my self
SPARTAN-053 said:
OMG IF THATS THE DEFINITION OF AWSOME i dont know what is, I hope my work gets some soon so i can hide a pallet out back for my self

yeah to bad the salvation army wont order any, have to buy my own I guess
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The Masterchief will kick your ass even if he is on a pop bottle XD and I don't really think that Halo 3 is being over advertised, cause to be honest, the only things I've even seen of halo 3 so far is the Crackdown spot I have, and the commercial last year XD, but if I ever find a mountain dew with him on there, I'm so gonna buy it!
Well, if you're not counting, here what you'll be seeing on store shelves along with the three differently packaged versions of the game or soon thereafter:

Well, theres the expansion of the Videogame series... Halo Wars , and the yet unannounced game that Peter Jackson is making with Wingnut Interactive. He actually set up that division of his company just for this'll be their first. :shock:

3... thats right 3 seperate toy lines, all to new companies... Joyride Studios liscensing contract has expired, and Bungie has said that it is very unlikely that they will ever re-instate it. So those of you with hopes of getting Halo 3 action figures to display proudly alongside your Halo 1 and 2 figures... you'd better hope that the new figures from the new company are to scale with your old ones.

And just to clarify, the 3 lines that I am talking about are; Halo 3 ActionClix..or HeroClix whatever they brand it as, The new Japanese company that will be doing line of busts, and the new action figure contract they announced most recently with Gentle Giant for 12" figures.
See here:
or here:

Then add in the usual merchandise... like soundtracks.. Microsoft just sold the publishing rights to the entire Halo franchise to Warner Brothers.... so they'll be pimping Halo albums...plural.

And T-Shirts and other various apparel sold through Bungies own store, and exclusive designs only sold through Hot Topic.

And the newly announced comic book with Marvel as an outgrowth of the Graphic Novel project.

Also lets not forget Halo brand Laser Tag... Halo Laser Command by Jasman toys that was announced a few weeks ago too.

Oh, so Halo soda as well.

I'm not saying all this is a bad thing. I know I'll be out there collecting this stuff too, as would any die-hard fan. But I would say that Bungie / Microsoft seem to be dishing out liscensing contracts at an alarming rate. Any time that happens theres bound to be a few merchandising regrets among the really successful and worthwhile stuff like the Novels. I guess I just never expected the day that I could walk into a mall and find Halo stuff in like every other store... music, books, apparel, toys, lasertag, tabletop games, soda, ...oh and what else...OH, YEAH THERE A VIDEOGAME BASED ON THAT TOO!

So... UnderRoos anyone? :mrgreen:
Well Microsoft did say they were going after Sony and their PS3, maybe this is just part of their plan? Who knows.

I uh, spend alot of time just searching for new things, hoping to find stuff
that nobody knows about...
Boo. Mountain Dew isn't sold in the UK..
You have to go to specialty food importers or American Deli's .. :(
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