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Sean Anwalt

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Progress on the Mountain Regiment booth is going to be slow. So far I am the only one working on it, and it is not really a huge priority in my life, since real life comes first and such, but I think this idea has some real potential. Please let me know if something seems wrong or if there is a better way to do this.

20180807_094631.jpg 20180807_094641.jpg 20180807_094937.jpg 20180807_094955.jpg

The idea is to have a table of "normal" size (~6' long by 2.5' wide) with a showcase box at the right hand side that contains some epic costume something or other, like a helmet or other prop, and to the left would be a simple halo master chief suit propped up wiht PVC pipe or something, crouching behind a shield cover. Not too intrusive, but enough to catch people's attention.

I'm trying to design a pretty simple pamphlet that goes over what the 405th is, some simple bullet points of our community, and basic pepakura / foam pointers along with safety equipment so people can see how easy and realistic it is to design your own Halo character.

Along with the table, I think a kit containing basic costume repair supplies and such like would be a needed asset. That way members of the regiment (or anyone else, we're not prejudiced here) can get a quick repair on scene in the case something goes wrong.

Time table for the fan table is going to be pretty long, since as I say the materials and parts are not a huge priority. I am not able to attend any events until later in September, and even then my costume will still be hard-pressed to be wearable by that point, so I couldn't really use it until then, anyway. BUT I think this is a great attention grabber for a fan table and even people not interested in Halo will turn and look once they notice a life-size Masterchief glaring menacingly from behind a blast shield.

I will use this thread to update progress when is does occur, mirroring the example PerniciousDuke has set forth. If I can come up with something nearly as good as what he's got going, then I've got it made!


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Sean Anwalt ... do you want to compare notes on the "what is a forum" pamphlet? I've submitted some content to AsgardianHammer and he's drafting up a graphic version of it presently. He's also done up a pretty snazzy kid's activity book that will be a great hand out.

I like your booth idea. Even if it was a life size cardboard cut out I think it would still grab attention.

So far the only thought I've had looking at the photos would be to have MC and the cover on the right and face outwards. People are going to want to take photos next to him. With this orientation they'll be able to stand in front of the booth (hopefully with a well placed 405th logo)and get a great group shot about to be murdered by the Reclaimer. :D

Sean Anwalt

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I like the idea of moving it around so there's a better 405th logo behind it. If you give me a little bit I can get you a rough draft of the pamphlet I'm working on.
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