My Crotch piece is too big!!!!


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Im not sure what happened, but I scaled it to the same size as I did every other piece, I was just wondering If there was a special scaling method for the crotch piece?


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you dont really need the boxers.
Not exactly sure what you mean by that but I resolved the problem, turned out my scaling was like for 2X my size (Dont know how I got it wrong) So now I just need to re do it. Sorry I didn't check before I posted.
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CemreTas said:
Yeah dont overestimate your size, you dont really need the boxers.
Oh geez. you need some ice, man? For that wicked burn?!?!

Seriously, high-five.
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mc is not anatomically correct. his crotch is much bigger than yours. sorry to break the news to yah. (just kidding) did you scale it properly? scale it down one or two sizes.