My First Build, My First Thread - Crafting Nostalgia


Hi all! Small update time! I haven't been moving as fast as I want but im still making progress. Life has been a little tough recently.
Here is what I have left for armor:
1x Thigh
1x Helmet
1x upper abs
1x Chest

Cod Piece
Ya'll cant have chief walking through a con swinging his Sgt. Johnson all around. Below is my finished Johnson protector aka the Cod piece. Pretty simple. Just a couple detail pieces and check that off the list.

I took the advice from above and I went ahead and purchased these gloves. They fit great and I really like the look. Im going to add the circular armor piece to the top of the hand but im on the fence if I want to add finger armor as well.
They can be found here:


50th Post! FULL LOWER BODY Harri51
Hi all! Huge update and a huge milestone for me on the forums and the costume progress. Here is an entire lower body try on. Please note that nothing is strapped, attached, or optimized for fit. Things need to be adjusted for proper fit and spacing. Everything is held on by sheer determination and luck! Ultimately the thighs will be held a couple inches higher, thatll allow the knee pieces to fit properly and not be smushed.

Thanks so much for following along and let me know what yall think!




Hi all,

Its been a little bit. I had a rough battle with COVID unfortunately. Remember to try and be as safe as you can. I was a very safe individual with my habits and ended up still getting it. Easy to say that it took a lot out of me. BUT, I got back on the grind and we are nearing completion of Chief. Over the weekend I furiously worked on Master Chiefs Chest! It is now finished and all that's left is the helmet.
Just need to add some more tiny detail pieces to the chest, above the left side there are some dots.

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