My Halo CE marine armor is finished!


I finally completed my Halo CE marine armor! I decided to make this when I wanted to attend Midwest Gaming Classic in March. I had one month to put it together in time. However, Midwest Gaming Classic got canceled and my costume took three months. Here's how I put it together:

1. I drew the pictures. I used this online art as source material.
2. I cut out the cardboard. The armor is mostly cardboard slabs glued together at varying angles.
3. I assembled the cardboard. There are two types of assembly:
1. Hollow assembly: A wooden block is between the top and bottom sheets. That is how most of the front facing pieces like the chest piece are made.
2. Solid assembly: Cardboard is layered on top of each other leaving no hollow space. This allows a structure that can handle intense weight like when I sit down. The back pieces are made this way.
4. I wrap the cardboard in paper mache. The paper mache paste is made of wood glue and water. The wood glue will harden the paper, and the water makes the wood glue go farther and easier to use.
5. After the wood glue dries, I painted the pieces with acrylic.
6. After the acrylic was painted on, I sprayed the armor with enamel.
7. After the enamel was applied I put on straps and foam padding.

The helmet is a unique piece because it is almost entirely paper mache. I wrapped paper mache around an old helmet shell, and built off of the shape that was created. After the helmet shape was made, it was flex spray, acrylic, and enamel.


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