My Halo Fanfiction Novel


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So im writing a 10-13 chapter halo fanfiction novel placed 5 years after the events of halo 3 ... anyway here's some eye candy for ya ....

Comments/Suggestions are appreciated

Anna watched the fluorescent blue hail of plasma rain down around her, it was a horrible sight. Most of her surrounding marines were new recruits and had never even seen a grunt before, they were overwhelmed. They were getting torn apart plasma grenades surrounded them; latching onto them and destroying everything in a terrible seemingly cloud of blue. She watched a private Florence scream helplessly as the grenade stuck to his jacket exploded and tore through his armor like butter. Anna winced as she leapt away from the oncoming wave of grenades. She always hated the smell of plasma and with the reeking scent of scorched flesh and armor loaming in the air it was too much for her to stand up to. She gave in and put on her gas mask, at the same time she brought up the scope of her battle rifle to look at the flood. It was strange, this flood was different than the videos. It was evolved; the whiplike tentacles were no longer mere flimsy strands but extra appendages. She watched what used to be private Kulhavey snatch up five more grenades with his whip arm from the crate and in one swift movement ignite them, hurling them towards her and what was left of the squad. She instinctively ducked and lept away from the sailing plasma grenades coming towards her.
With the infection of half her unit Anna had completely forgotten about the juggernaut until she felt the earth begin to tremble around her under its immense weight. Quickly she brought up her scope again and desperately began searching around but it was useless, the flood had cluttered the atmosphere with the suffocating green smog which gave Anna almost no visibility whatsoever. Suddenly she felt an intense burning sensation on her left shoulder and dropped her rifle. She was stuck! She looked but the fiery blue orb nearly blinded her as she turned away. That disgusting stench of plasma was so prominent now that she vomited in her gasmask. No time to tear it off though she remembered A29’s advice and quickly began to calm herself down. It was no use though; she felt the quickening footsteps of the juggernaut match with her already racing heartbeat. She felt it coming towards her with incredibly speed.
“Three seconds!” She said as she tore the grenade from her shoulder and loosened her glove at the same time.
“Two!” She cocked her arm back as the ground around her began to crack and shudder. She nearly lost her senses as he eardrums ruptured from the terrible gurgling screech that surrounded her. The lumbering beast suddenly broke through the curtain of smog not three meters in front of her, rushing with intense speed its deadly tentacles reared back prepared to strike.
“ONE!” She screamed as she hurled the grenade at the wretch’s oozing, mouth-like opening. At the same time she heard as sickening snap as the massive tentacle of the juggernaut connected with her side, crushing her ribcage. She hurtled towards the remains of the city.
The grenade connected and sailed home right into the beast’s maw and disappeared. The creature let out a shrill whine, which was soon drowned by an erratic, defaning explosion of plasma and the massive cloud of thick slimy green gas that followed closely. Anna lost consciousness as she slammed on the ground, Her ribs cracking as she slid violently into the licking fire of a demolished carcass of a warthog.

Some info ... Anna is actually short for Joanna her full name. She is a corporal in the UNSC defense corps, and is the daughter of the long praised war hero Sgt. Avery Johnson.


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OH Jeez Double Post

So my novel opens up with humans going to stop covanant loyalist resistance from those that were left behind after the prophet of truth left for the ark ... and they're holding out in some base or ruins of some sort .... but half of africa was glassed sooo ... i dont know where and what it should be ...........

suggestions/comments are appreciated

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