My Halo-Ween Pics

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Adam, your my hero.

i'm still lmao at the hooters "girls"

Is that your helmet? or a BlueRealm one?
i need to get an armor
(i havent got a girlfriend)
(crazy plans)
(armor +girls...alone armorman with a girlfriend...does it work? Yes! no? yes! no?)
Sean Bradley said:
Man... Austin looks like lots of fun...

I gotta get the hell out of bumbleton PA..
Sean you still havent done what you were meant to do when you made your armor....TAKE A TOUR OF THE HERSHEY FACTORY IN ARMOR.

No but I mean theres alot of fun stuff where we all live, I cant think of anything in my town, but I know there is something fun to do in armor.
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HaloASC said:
:mad: I got arrested on halo-ween :mad:

lol. just because you're in master chief armor and he's in a brute costume does not mean you can kill and teabag him.
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Nice Adam, I the armour is even better than i saw it before.. At least i though it was, (never noticed teh detail in the sides of your armour)

I like the pic of you and the Guys dressed up a spartan from 300

I call it old spartan new spartan :D

and sean, PA rocks.. we have HERSHEY! and AoBfrost i agree, if/when i make my armour id def take a tour of the factory in my armour. XD

Great pics
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