My Helmet and BR

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Silverzippo93 said:
Just cut off pieces on the bottom until it fits. You can use my pic of the bottom for reference.

This is what I'm doing:
Resin outside>resin inside>fiberglass inside>resin outside>sand


Does it affect the outcome? I have white primer, where do I get gray?

it might, but im not sure ask sean what he uses
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I made a cardstock right bicep. Pics up today.

I have decided to make a hollow cardboard BR, reisin it, and mold it. I need to find silicon...any idea where I can get it?
Sorry for the double post, but I figured it was better to bump this than make a new thread.

My Helmet is almost done. I couldn't get the tiny imperfections out of the bondo, so I decided to coat is in resin to fill them up. Sorry, no pics. My camera has a dead battery.
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