My Helmet Progress

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by nickb2325, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. nickb2325

    nickb2325 New Member

    Well I was wondering what some of you guys thought. I didn't bondo it to smooth it out due to my lack of time before halloween. I will take time for that next year. But other than that let me know what you think. Maybe there are some easy cheap ways I can make it look better?

    All the pictures are on my site.
  2. Xavier

    Xavier Well-Known Member

    awesome AK's and helmet man.
  3. abandonship

    abandonship Well-Known Member

    ak's arent nearly as good as m16's, but if thats what you like go for it. i love my dad's m1 garand, its a wonderful gun to shoot. oh and nicce helmet i guess. haha
  4. nickb2325

    nickb2325 New Member

    Yeah, i collect guns. I mainly buy AK parts kits because they are cheap. They are easy to fix back up, because the receivers are easy to fold. So i fix them and sell them to make money. M16's are nice but aren't my favorite by far. I am a college student. If I had more money I would buy nicer guns. Until then I will stick with AK's. But please I really would like a few comments on the helmet. I would like a few easy things to make it look better quick.
  5. grid 187

    grid 187 Member

    Very cool, Thats turning out really good!!! (y)
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  6. DryWallDeath

    DryWallDeath New Member

    That's pretty good man, Looks like the chest plates of the armor are coming along good too, I did think it was funny to see a gun in the oven though, peace-
  7. Ruze789

    Ruze789 Well-Known Member

    Helmet looks pretty good, I think it could use a little detailing, though... even if you don't want to bondo to add shape, just painting black lines in would make it look a little more finished.
  8. nickb2325

    nickb2325 New Member

    what do you mean by black lines? like along the creases or folds?
  9. BattleLlama

    BattleLlama Jr Member

    Question, did you use primer before you painted it or just spray it directly? Also, why did you bake the AK-47 ><?
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  10. nickb2325

    nickb2325 New Member

    Yeah, i used primer first.

    I broiled the AK steel parts because when you buy a parts kit it is covered in cosmoline. This is a type of grease to keep it from getting rusty. The easiest way to get it off is to get it really hot. It normally just burns off. So I put it in the oven when my mom was gone.

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