My Helmet project

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bondo is an automotive filler, which most of us here use to fill in and add detail to our armor. You don't necessarily brush it on, you more slap it on and shape it, and from what I've seen it dries somewhat like clay. For similar questions please refer to the search button at the top of the forums


looking forward to more pics :mrgreen:
kk, I just don't know where to find a resin off the shelf(Such as wallmart)
and Don't worry, I'll post more pics as I progress :dee:
I plan on building a frame for my head, and then building the helmet around it, and as any other card board user, I'll be sure to layer to add detail :dance1:
And Also, Does anyone know of a material that I can buy in a store that'll make my helmet hard, but not make it weigh a ton? Something like fiberglass? Any help would be much appreciated. :D
You can find resin, fiberglass, and Bondo in the automotive section at Walmart. You can find larger quantities at auto parts stores but the prices are higher. In either case, you should find it near the automotive paint.

And I'm a little confused about your most recent question. Are you looking for an alternative to fiberglass or are you asking if fiberglass will do the trick (it will, by the way)?

And not to be a jerk, but you're going to want to avoid double posting or else the mods will castrate you.
Ironcobra3000 said:
Thanks Dude, what do you mean by a fiberglass alt?
An alternative as in something that could be used instead of fiberglass. Because you said "something like fiberglass" and I wasn't sure if were asking about fiberglass itself or asking if there is something similar to it.
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well it still looks like you are in the begining stages of the helm, you probably wont need fiberglass yet
youre definitely gonna want to complete the helmet frame before you dream of details or strength

but once you do get there fiberglass is the way to go
you know how to do it right?
Well, I'm just looking ahead of time, I plan on putting supporting strips in and then use layering for detail, I'll make sure that my helmet comes out great :D
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