ODST Helmet Project


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My ODST Helmet project. and maybe later full armor set.
the helmet 3D file is the ODST helmet by AguilarWorkshop.

Currently am in the primer filling and sanding stage.
i added the first layer of primer and sanded it earlier today, and added another layer of primer.
soon it'll be ready for the last primer layer and then the actual colors!


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here is the near finished helmet. i added most of the paints. the only thing it now needs is a couple layers of clear coat, the visor and padding on the inside. when all that is done i will add pictures of it from multiple angles!


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and here is the helmet fully painted and a couple layers of clear coat. if you ask me it looks good, even though there are some issues. but hey it's my first helmet. so issues are to be expected. now i only have to add padding on the inside and the visor. once both have arrived and are in i'll update the post.


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Nice work mate! Love the yellow grey contrast, and can't wait to see it finished.
thanks, i am just waiting on the visor to arrive at this point, and i am debating on what kinda padding i want for it. maybe something like motorcycle helmet padding. or padding for like "tactical" airsoft helmets.
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