My Hunter Armor

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Here it is! Well, part of it at least. Here's the story behind.

I have been wanting to make myself some armor lately. I came across this forums and saw Pepakura. So I thought, "Great, now I can have Mjolnir armor!"

Wrong. When I tried to make a helemt, I think I saw what a flood infected Chief's head would look like. On top of that, I realized something. I would look like an overwieght Spartan II. So, afetr thinking about it, I decided to give Pepakura anothe try. Only this time, I extracted the hunter model from the map files. It turns out the left arm alone + shield is 76 sheets of paper. "Screw that."

So now that you have read my little story, here are the pictures. Take in mind that the arm is not completely done yet, and that this was all eye. I didn't use Pepakura.






One last word. I make model warships alot, so I have plenty of fiberglass and such. I don't plan on keeping it cardboard and tape. Hope you all enjoy. I'm going to start working on the fuel rod cannon tomorrow because my manager's do not seem to realize that my armor should come before work.

See ya!

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you do know the size of a hunter can range between 9 1/2'-12' just standing but goes down to 8' in battle stance. so how do you plan on doint that?
Well, I'm 6'1", so I plan on having my armor look like it's always crouched. Add 5 inches to the head (I plan on having the eyes in the neck, and I'm only off by 1.5 feet. Plus, Hunter's feet are like high heels sorta, so add another 3-5 inched, and I'm down to a one foot difference. I have it all planned out, I'm just not good at getting what I have in my mind out in words.
You could jest be a developmentally chanlanged hunter

you could just be a developer challanged hunter.

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nicw job bro. BUT arent hunters worms? so in thery their bald right? i think my clippy has job! oj! thats 1 kick @$$ job man! keep it up
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