My MA5C Assault rifle construction.

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After two hours of free time on my hands and some cardboard I got from Costco this is what ive got:

Tommorow im thinking of using paper mache to put a covering over all of it. To cover all gaps and holes. Then resin/Fiberglass over that to make it a hard casing around said weapon.
Perhaps use the paper mache to create the elevated sections with the ridges and details on it?

Then paint over it with black and gray spray paint. With the hint of green.

Insert a bronze tube into the location where It should fire, maybe attach a small flashlight and rig it when I press a button on the side, it activates.

Make a working trigger, and have a LED display on the section. But I cant rig it to work, I dont have the lights.

So how is it so far?
Sorry there arnt any lamps in my room.

This is a picture of my placing the top of the AR on, the triangle changes direction to slope down to cover the top.

Right now it looks like a mess on the sides, alot of hot glue and tape, but after paper mache and fiberglassing, It wont be there anymore.

Just a question. Those Ar's you usually see.
How much do they go for?
Now here I added some bottom grips, and elevated it a little.
I also decided to use clay to round it out after sanding, Paper mache will fill up all gaps and such, but clay will make it look better.
Im going to go buy the equipment in a little bit.
Since Im far too lazy to re-type the pages I have already done, Ill simply post a link.
But ill continue to update pics here.

At the time of this message, I attached a clay barrel, gave some more details. Found the resin and fiberglass. Also I will Paper mache tommorow and Fiberglass on Tuesday, perhaps Paint on the same day, if not then on wensday.

How is it so far?

Post Scriptum-I will post pictures tommorow, where there is natural light filtering in, I have no lamps in my room, so it wouldnt look so good to do it now.
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Sorry I havnt posted in a while, but I was building the entire thing.
This is what it looks finished:

How is it?
How come no one ever comments on my stuff? I mean there are people who make it with horrible details and all out of duct-tape (Which btw, used no tape whatsoever, thats just black paint) and get 100 comments in a day, and I cant get a single person.
Is it good? Bad?

Yeah, I do know about the point thing at the top, and I put a ammo case to the right-foward of the 32 badge so you cant see it, and when I pull it out and smack the ammo clip in, I can activate the 32 like its fully reloaded.
Sorry you cant see it, but theres just pure black at the bottom while a grayish black is in the middle.
The thing is perfectly level, I mean the barrel sticks straight out if you lay it out on a floor, but my bed isnt straight.
Ares said:
Double post, triple post, POSTACULAR! :rolleyes


I mean its not exactly like im not justified in being mean, no one responds in helpful way at all. The only reason I posted twice for pics is because it wont let me post it all in one post.
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goji40 said:
its pretty good, but u did get really mad when people last posted comments
yeah...Sorry, I was just a little high strung when I posted, but you gotta admit. Posting a post saying nothing but the amount of posts I did is spam.
Thanks, your the only few people who ever posts how good it is.
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