My Mark VI "Sister" Build WIP

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Annanymous, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Jabooblia

    Jabooblia New Member

    lol screw the red team! come back to the good team! And by good team I mean the blue team XD. Nice progress so far! Ugh makes me wish my chest plate was done.
  2. Nogood

    Nogood Jr Member

    Red is better! Keep it red!!!! The blueish visor is amazing with the red paint =D
    Keep up the great work!! Summer is among us- you can work outside again xD
    Thanks for the sizing help on the undersuit too!! =D The TMS undersuit is amazing

    -Paint is pricey... I sprayed 5 different layers of paint on mine... ( A waste most of the time ) and slightly sanding it all over to make it look rougher...
    Paint cost me probably.. 40 dollars... lol hope you have yard sales around and Junk Stores.....(I found a gallon of FIberglass resin for 2 dollars at a yard sale...) =D Happy Armour making Annanymous!
  3. andy1986a

    andy1986a New Member

    Hay truly awesome work i got to say love the helm!!! Can i ask what size is it ?
    Im doing the very same one and think it might be on the big side and i can't try it on as I've put in all the support struts
  4. vidofnir234


    I read through your whole thread and I've learned many useful tips! Great build!
  5. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    I don't see any updates. ;) Are you already finished?
    btw, the helmet looks awesome!
  6. Annanymous

    Annanymous Well-Known Member

    hey guys sorry for bumping my thread when its kind of going necro anyway, but I just wanted to say that I'm stopping this build (or at least, putting it on hold for a while, maybe I will recontinue it next summer!)

    Due to materials just being pricey and my overall lack of free time along with the fact that I'm going away to college tomorrow I'm not going to be working on this anymore. I would love to continue building eventually and will still be on the forums, but won't be contributing any of my own stuff. I'm glad that some of you have been able to use some of the info that others contributed to my thread to help their own builds though!

    Happy building!

    ps. if you have any specific questions you want to ask you can PM me! Thatd probably be the best way seeing as this won't be checked too often.

    sorry for the late response, but the helmet was sized at 265mm tall, which I found to be the "average" height most 405thers were using. It is a pretty perfect size for my head!
  7. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

    That's some very sad news Anna! :( I hope you'll eventually find the time and money to finish your project. The world needs more female spartans!
  8. deathdoakill

    deathdoakill New Member

    indeed it does rainbow and very coool build by the way annanymous ill be watching for more updates ;)
  9. Skullptura

    Skullptura Member

    ARGH! dont stop now. But good luck in your other worldly adventures! Hope you come back again to dazzle us all!
  10. ViperB77


    Hey Anna, if I could be any help, I'm pretty good at making pep quick, but if you need some pointers, lemme know! I hope you are able to finish your costume soon, it would be great to have another RvB character on the forums! Ps... I'm gonna make mine into one too... but its a secret.

    PM me if I can help!
  11. Heavy Duty Spartan

    Heavy Duty Spartan New Member

    Do you have the download or pep file that you used for this? I cannot find any that I remotely like so it'd be a great help!
  12. Heavy Duty Spartan

    Heavy Duty Spartan New Member

    I too am a girl who enjoys these games, so yes girls play Halo! :D
  13. Flynney

    Flynney New Member

    Sad to hear about this, quite liked reading through the thread when I joined!

    I go to university and still find some time to do costume building so maybe all hope isn't lost! Good luck with whatever you decide! :)

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