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My Mark VI "Sister" Build WIP

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Annanymous, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. SpartanT117


    you can use fiberglass mat or cloth, it's stronger than Rondo. (half res and half bondo) just make sure if you use it, you lay it down flat, and don't wad it up or it will destroy your helmet. and nice work Anna, I used your hot glue method just now to put my lights in my helm.
  2. Annanymous

    Annanymous Well-Known Member

    heeey I'm glad to see that you got some good use out of it! I think it really is the easiest and most permanent method to diffusing / putting in lights.
  3. hello once again,
    thanks alot anna, youve been a huge help for me. for some reason, i couldnt quite understand exactly what they were saying. plus i figured some people would like to hear about what you did so hehe ^^; anyway thanks again, i hope to see the epicness of your build continue on!
    UNSC LT commander
  4. SpartanT117


    wayyyyyy easier than the cd case method(plus nobody gets mad at me for hackin up thee cd cases ^^)
    hey dude, any question you got about fiberglass, just put a message on my wall or somethin.
  5. GothX

    GothX Jr Member

    Your armor is pretty rockin. I love the color choice, I'm working on a Grif build myself :D
  6. SeniorRawr

    SeniorRawr Jr Member

    hey so far it's lookin great, can't wait to see more from ya, btw where did you get the bondo?
  7. JohnRansom

    JohnRansom New Member

    Well done- I remember my mark 6, didn't turn out as well as yours. For sizing the torso right- the top piece including ab plate should come to just above your belly button, or an inch or two below your rib cage, in my experience.
  8. Nogood

    Nogood Jr Member

    Kinda random- Annanymous have you installed your face shield into your helmet?

    I have made a totally new helmet just like yours- its sanded and ready for visor install.......BUT i payed 30 bucks for the visor and I'm scared to cut it because I have a feeling theres no way to tell how or where to cut the visor

    I've seen tutorials where people screw the visor into the helmet and then use clay to fill in the small gaps
    ( I got to figure out a easy way to do this...)


    Your suit looks good!! keep up the work!!
  9. Nogood

    Nogood Jr Member

    Anna.. I use a clear plastic cup ( average party style drink cup at walmart ) I fill bondo up about 4/5 and only use 1/5 fiberglass resin... then I mix in bondo hardener ( because it changes color to show you if its hard ) then i had about 15 drops of fiberglass hardener...

    The reason your rondo may be breaking is your using to much Resin to your Bondo.. Not sure but it seems like your rondo maybe to thin.. =D

    * I truly have no clue, but I know my Rondo is hard as a brick and I'd be happy to drop mine, and not worry about breaking.. =D
  10. SeniorRawr

    SeniorRawr Jr Member

    all i can say is wholly craptastic tis build is lookin supercalafragalisticexpyaladotious!!!
  11. Psquiddy

    Psquiddy Member

    From what I can tell you certainly have the can-do attitude, and your pep is mighty fine looking, The only thing I could suggest is to check your pep scaling, if you are having this much variation in your scaling, this is a problem, so good luck with that :D
  12. I like this armor thread.
    subscribeing now. :)
  13. Valcara

    Valcara Jr Member

    your armor is really coming along nicely! cant wait to see more~!
  14. SpartanBrenden117

    SpartanBrenden117 New Member

    cool good luck with that im going to be doing the same thing but i cant find any pepakura files for the mark 6 armor
  15. Annanymous

    Annanymous Well-Known Member

    Hey guys so I haven't updated this in a while but it is because I've put this project on hold due to time constraints and the fact that bondo and building materials are pricey.

    I thought i'd just update you on my visor installation and re-paint of my helmet. I had to have my mark 6 and kat air assault helmet done today to present to some art teachers for a final project, and since I wanted my mark 6 helmet to look more realistic I painted it red and added more weathering. The visor was HOT GLUED into the helmet so it looks really crappy around the edge, it was a rush job so I will probably redo it to make it look neater. Heres the outcome of it all:

  16. Macattack64


    Joining the red team, eh? ;D
  17. Annanymous

    Annanymous Well-Known Member

    Hahaha yes! I've always loved the red suits, its just a great color for halo armor. :p
  18. Macattack64


    Fiiiiiiinnnnee. You can join the red team. Hahaha

    Are you repainting the entire suit?
  19. Annanymous

    Annanymous Well-Known Member

    Well..The only painted pieces were the helmet, gloves, and the chest piece. And I am putting this project on hold due to the materials just being pricey and easily breakable. Even though a lot of pieces were done, strengthening them was becoming an expensive pain and things were cracking really easily. So this is kind of an on-hold project, however if I do decide to continue it I will paint it red. :)
  20. Macattack64


    Which materials were you using? And yea it can get pricey.. I should know seeing as if you look at the original date on my thread :p
  21. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    WOW i haven't looked at this thread in a while and since then you have made so much progress
    it looks freakin awesome =D really like the helmet and the chest looks really good! keep up the good work
  22. R8b

    R8b Jr Member

    Nice update, I like the color a lot. The visor looks good with the red. I usually hot glue my visors on too. It never comes out that great, but I have a heat knife now and I'm hoping it will allow me to smooth the gap. Nice helmet though!
  23. aero

    aero New Member

    Great job! I really like the red color too! Keep up the good work!
  24. Timelady

    Timelady New Member

    Oh fantastic! Loving what I'm seeing, and looking forward to see more! I've been using some of your work-in-progress shots to figure out how mine (hopefully!) should look.
  25. R8b

    R8b Jr Member

    So are you planning on keeping it red? or are you doing the rest of your suit that color too? Just thought of that since you made it to be Sister.

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