My MKVI Foam Armor Build.


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After much deliberation I decided to to go with foam for my armor, except for my helmet which will be fiber glassed. here is what i have so far and it will be done by Halloween and will be going to Mega-con.

helmet pepped

front of chest cut out of foam with templates.

look out for more. will be a full build with LEDs fans and maybe more.


this is a good start. i always love that initial feeling of despair as you realise there are so many bits of paper to cut out, but then once you get one page done, you know that it's not so bad... looking forward to seeing how this build turns out...


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Firstly I would like to apologize for my build sort of dying. But I'm back and i'm ready to push on through to completion.

here is my MKVI in resin and 1 layer of rondo

here it is sitting on my as of right now messy work table

and here are the halo 4 helmets i pepped because i couldn't help myself

more to come. I now have the time to work on my favorite hobby and it will be completed by the end of the year. I also purchased a mannequin which I imediately used to scare the wife, but which will be used to display my hard work. pictures and updates to come soon.


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Sick, I liking the warrior build. Do you think that the warrior helmet would be able to made from foam?