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I'm just finishing up my Halo 2 spartan costume today.. just in time for Halloween, to escort my girlfriend's kids while they go around getting candy.

It's pretty slick, except I didn't get the leg underarmour done in time... Oh well.. I made it to be like a display statue anyways. Hopefully I'll get the helmet lights, leg lights, and shoulder lights done before we go out tonight.

I'll post pics tomorrow... it's pretty cool, and not exactly a "typical" suit.

I drool everytime I look over in the workshop and just see it sitting there with it's paint drying. Sitting in there, a pile of Spartan armour with it's gold visor and stuff. There's no feeling like looking over at it all piled up on shelves.. Thank goodness for halloween and kids, so I have an excuse to wear it tonight!

I think later-on, I'll put my Halo 2 Live, shoulder emblems on it.
That's going to be awesome! I'd love to see what it looks like. Do you have a manaquin that it's sitting on right now?
I doubt your... Girlfriend's kids... will get what it is, and will most likely bombard you with questions about it, but I suppose it's all worth it for some quality MJOLNIR Armor
ah well..

The costume was a slight disappointment. I had to rush some stuff on it and you could tell. When I walked, I kept walking on the back of the foot-covers with my heel. It was noisy and vaguely painful. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist though, so although I was disappointed, everyone semed to like the costume.

The kids knew who it was, and called their friends, and we had parents driving kids up and down the neighborhood for a chance to see the Spartan in their neighborhood. Seemed like almost every boy over 12 (except most of the parents) knew who he was immediately, a few of the girls recognized him too.

One little tiny boy in one of the group of trick-or-treaters that we kinda' joined, kept sayin, "mommy! a Wobot! a Wobot!" (robot) He wanted to shake my hand. That was funny because I could barely see him in the dark, didn't have any cheeklights on my costume and the visor was gold. I kept reaching around for this little glowstick he was holding.

Another little girl kept telling me, "I know who you are.. you're GI. Joe!"

"meh.. close enough"

I didn't go up to doors or anything, I just waited at the end of driveways, and heard the occasional "wow.. best costume I've seen all night and you aren't even goin' after candy!"

I took off the bootcovers after awhile, and the black boots I had on underneath looked ok with it. Had a friend drive by and take them away for me. Seemed like noone knew the difference. Guess I'm WAY too much of a perfectionist.. the suit was a lot quieter after that.

I was rushing so bad last night I didn't get a chance to get anyone to take my picture with my camera. However, my girlfriend took a couple of pics with her camera and I'm waiting to hear how they came out.

The suit was designed (with the molds) to look a bit battle damaged, but I didn't have time to paint-up the damage, so I dunno' how that looked, possibly just warped. I also had strap issues due to the rush job involved.

I certainly need to rethink the vest, and the suspension system for the plates. I had too many straps everywhere that were too long and flopping around. I hadn't left myself enough time to correct any of that. Not to mention I borrowed some black pants that were too big around the waist for me, so the pant legs were too beefy.

When all is said and done though, it was fun to be a Spartan for the night, and lots of folks seemed to like it. The occassional yells when I came out of the shadows, and under a streetlight, totally made my night.

Anyways.. I'll post any pics my girlfriend took, and I'll get some pics of the armor pile for ya'll to check out tomorrow.
sounds awesome. I'll let you do the experimenting on how NOT to attach a suit, and once it's perfect, you fill us in.

Ever thought of reinforcing the vaccumform with bondo, or fiberglass? give it a little more weight to it? It would take a LONG time, but I know it would look cool.

BTW, did you get the armor from briar, purchase it, know him or anything like that?
I guess you haven't looked at the link in my sig.

That's my website (I'm the webmaster), though it's Rob's business. I made this suit using vacuum-form plates from the molds that were updated from the ones I helped make almost 2 years ago. Most of it I pulled myself, although it was my girlfriend that did a lot of the sewing, using Rob's vest pattern.

I haven't talked with Briar to my knowledge; although we often get contacted by other costume armor makers for stuff, so it's possible.

He does some sweet artwork on his stuff, that's for sure.. I'd love to meet him. I've always wanted to go his route with that kind of weathering, but it's too time consuming and I'm not that much of an artist.

About your "added weight" comment. I don't think added weight is the way to go, because if the weight is keeping the item in-place, then as soon as you move, it swings. Inertia does it.

The masterchief moves like his armour is as light as foam... there's no stomping or anything because he's got that augmented strength thing going on... and supposedly the armor even augments his strength further, so it makes sense to keep the armor lightweight. He's supposed to be 1000 pounds, but he doesn't act like it.. just like he really doesn't seem to be 7 foot tall.

Heavier armor FEELS cooler, because you feel like a tank, stomp around like a tank, and feel like a badass, but as far as costumes go, this one needs to be lightweight so that you move correctly in it.

For my situation, I think the ideal set-up would include two and three contact points for every plate, and NO "strap danglers". Everything should attach directly to the black underlayer. You need strength though... If you're making parts for other people, you have to make them to accomodate almost ANY body type, so it's hard to do both.

I'm working it out, but I think I'm going to sell this suit as-is to help pay my rent this month. It's a decent suit, I'm just a perfectionist and therefore it frustrates me. Plus the fact I'm almost completely broke right now.

My next suit will be engineered better, I'm sure, because I know a LOT more about this stuff now, and I refuse to be rushed on it.
ugg.. no pics again today.. hopefully this weekend I'll put the suit on, take more pics, and post them on Monday.

Not sure what I'll ask for on the suit, but I know that similar ones go for around $1000. (they're expensive because of the amount of labor involved). I'll probably put mine up for 800-900 and hope that folks are interested enough to bid against each other on it.

I hate to part with the suit, because I'd like to have it handy while I work on the one I wanna do for next year, but again.. I'm in BAD financial shape right now (pending divorce, just moved into a new place, etc..) so I have to do it.
hopefully divorce has nothing to do with all the time you spend with your armor! :(

Just Kidding.
ok.. ONE picture was taken.. apparently my gf spent all the battery power on takin' pics of her kids. I'll get some more done when I remake my vest in the next week or so.

Quick disclaimers..

#1- The visor was definately "lightened" more than normal so that I could watch the kids while they trick-or-treated, but people weren't able to see my face. It the picture it looks like there's no reflective material in the face area, but there is. You can even kinda' see where the glare of the flash is coming back gold. Dunno what happened there or how the camera elimnated the gold tint.. guess it was some kinda' digital thing with lighting, or something.

#2- The armour has NO detail paint added to it, which sucks, but I was in a mad rush.. I was riveting straps on stuff that was still drying. On Pic #2 I photoshopped some black where it needed to go, but there's still plenty of silver marks and somee shadowing that's still needed .

#3- No lights made it to the helmet in time, but I'm probably still going to add them.

#4- I wore a bad shirt for this costume, and my Girlfriend didn't understand that she was responsible for checking over the costume every so often to look for issues like my neck being visible. It would have been easily fixed, considering my shirt had a hood (it's the bungie legendary hoodie), plus a thin ski mask (bala klava<sp?>), but oh well.. maybe next time.

FYI- when I photoshopped the new visor on there, the picture I had of one of the other helmets was at a different angle, so it doesn't match-up right, but should be enough to help "see" how it would look.
very cool suit. I like that you did it in camo. That's pretty hot.

Let us know when you get full body shots of this, but awesome!
Nice dude! The camo really is a new unique style for the Mjolnir suit. You shouldn't have a hard time selling that on eBay!

Arbiter.. thats 4 double posts. Please, we all beg for you to use the edit button! :] Im just trying to help you in the future!
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