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Well for those that dont know me here, which is everyone lol, Im a machinima director. i make halo films and i figured i shared my new halo 2 film coming out soon after halo 3 is out. sorry it wont be out before the release of halo 3, but there is still a little bit to film. tell me what you think. it also got spotlighted on since everyone liked it. :lol:
Dude, that looks f'n great. I can't wait for the final thing.

God bless helpful machinima actors.
Wow that is some amazing talent.. May I ask what video editing software you use? You should go into video production!
thanks guys. i am not the editor, my wonderful filmer is the editor. he uses sony vegas and some other programs such as after effects. im glad you guys liked the trailer. my website is but nothing else we have made is like this. ive advanced highly in machinima production so our movie product got a lot higher since our last film. if you have any questions or regards, visit our forums. you can find them on the homepage of the website.
thanks guys, i appreciate the feedback. just tryin to get more people around on halo websites to see it. i figured i put it here as well.
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