My Papapkura Helmet

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Hi, my name is Alessandro and I am Italian ^ ^ I would Want to ask you if someone could explain me (or here or with a video (very better)) what I thing to do after having painted the sheets in papakura for the helmet of MC. Thanks ^^
Go to these threads and read the instructions. should answer all your questions, if not PM me after reading all of this.

Hope these threads help you out. I'm sorry I don't speak Italian, a little Russian but that doesn't help. Your typed English is good. there are some pictures in my gallery with text, they may help you as well. good luck.
Hi Alessandro, I like your name, I love italy (FROST WANT VESPA)

Anyways, After making your army from 110lb cardstock, all you do is buy 2 cans of resin and 3 sheets of fiberglass cloth which comes in 3x3 square foot sheets.

1. Resin the outside of the armor lightly doing half of one side and letting in dry in the sun.
2. once dry, resin the other side of the and wait for that to dry in the hot sun.
3. once the outside in resined with 1 layer, resin the inside with 1 layer, let that dry.
4. take some fiberglass cloth, and some school glue, the white glue you use for crafts and shcool stuff.
5. Apply the glue all over the fiberglass peices you cut from the sheet, dont glob it on, but put it lightly on.
6, place it where you want the fiberglass to go and push in and make the cloth form around the edges and corners.
7, once done let that dry for 10 minutes or so, then resin over the cloth, SOAK it, you want the cloth to look clear, you dont want to see shiny silver, you want to see the color of resin go through the fiberglass cloth. ( You use lots of resin when coating over the fiberglass. )
8, once dried after 1 hour or 2 hours, cut off any fiberglass that sticks out of the peice/helmet.
9. Paint, detail, add visor, have fun.

P.S. Do you own a vespa? the Classic px's are nice, I'm buying one soon.
Thanks :D ^^
My friends have four vespa. Two have vespa 50 special (1991;1981), one the new px 125 and another one px 125(1981)^^
ya my tutorial I wrote is for pepakura, you can use cardboard too, but then you dont use the pep patterns, you cut as you go, but I prefer, so do many others, to use pepakura then add the detail to the armor when the armor is done being folded.

Btw, I i'm looking for a vespa px150 or p200, p200 cause it is faster, but the only downside is, you gotta mix oil and gas, px150 has auto mixing.
The problem is that I after having stamped the sheets I don't know whether to fold up them and as to attach them, or better I don't know what pieces to put together for giving the form to the helmet.

The new px has auto mixing.
Mmmh.. yes, the 200 is very funny ^^
Ohhhh...did you add numbering to the edges? If so, just reprint the pattern on the opposite side of the paper so you dont waste it, all you do is on pepakura, theres a bottom that shows a "123" click it and click "show edge ID" then you can choose the size of the number, I use 11, small, but it is better, then you cut out the pattern, look for any peice you want to start with, choose a edge, then read it's num,ber, lets say you start with edge 5, just find the other peice in your pile with 5 on it, cut it out, fold it, and glue it.
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